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You’re Only As Happy As Your Least Happy Child

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Have you every heard this expression? I have a very good friend who always says this, and I believe it to be true. If you’re a mommy reader, I think you’ll be able to relate.

It’s Monday evening, and I officially began writing my book today. I completed the outline last week, and got it back from my editor this weekend. There weren’t too many corrections, I was happy to learn. This morning, I dropped my babe off at school, and then I took to Starbucks. I worked from home last week, and was starting to lose all self respect. It went something like this– shower, put on cozy sweats, leave in the minus 25 with wet hair, carpool, and back home to work. At  least I had enough self respect today to put on a pair of skinny jeans, some blush and lip gloss, and leave my house.

Me in bed working. My son snapped this shot!

Me in bed for a change in my bathrobe and no makeup! My son snapped this shot!

And while I am enjoying the incredible ride my Blog and book have taken me on, and my hubby is getting his groove back at work, my kids have been off lately. My big son had a very tough week last week. He woke up unhappy to go to school and complained about a few things that bothered him.  He was crying, not eating, and not himself (well the eating part was himself. He hardly eats, period). But, he usually LOVES school.  So I emailed his teachers last week to see what was going on. There were a multitude of things that transpired last week, but in the end, I will NEVER let him miss a week of school again. When he missed the first week back while we were in Florida, he fell behind. And unfortunately for him, he is EXACTLY LIKE HIS MOTHER and panics when he falls even a little behind. I can’t blame him. I was the exact same way. Anyhow, he is all caught up now, and awoke and came home happy today, so I’m thankful.