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Slow Down

Friday, June 24th, 2011

I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed (although I do pride on myself on being pretty sharp), I can still recognize a sign when it’s flashed my way. And this week, the signs were all around.

This past week, I felt my anxiety level mounting, and I felt myself beginning to vent it onto my children. Shame on me, I hear you. But this is my safe place, so no judgement please. Nothing new had happened, nothing out of the ordinary, just my patience level was wearing thin this week, and instead of enjoying my boys as usual, they were starting to, **GASP** annoy me. The bickering and whining had taken its toll. I knew I had to do something to cage the Elvira, and fast. My children are my life. They take first priority. Over sex. Yes.

My first AHA moment that I needed to slow down, was when I read fellow blogger, Brooke Burke’s Blog. It was titled, “Brooke Gets Bad Mommy Award.” And although there wasn’t a bad exchange of words with my kids in my case, reading Brooke’s words became the first realization that I had to stop myself, and calm the hell down. Change my attitude. Or I was going to screw up a very good thing.