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If You Wait For The Right Time, It’ll Never Come

Monday, April 26th, 2010

By Guest Blogger Michlyn Metropolit

Michlyn Metropolit

So I decided to start a blog.  I am an extremely busy mother of three young, beautiful children.  I probably don’t have time for this, but who really does?   I have enjoyed being a guest blogger at Women On The Fence, (click here) as well as on friends’ popular blogs. I truly enjoy reading them as well.  Maybe I am just blessed with awesome friends or perhaps they just have captivating subject matter.  Whatever the case- these readings have become a bright spot in my daily regimen- and I figured that I may have some blog in me as well.

I have been “On the Fence” on what to title this little adventure.  So after teeter tottering and going back and forth with ideas for the perfect title, I actually enlisted the advice of a few friends and family members.  I must say that their ideas absolutely sucked!   The goal of my Blog is be informative, funny, entertaining and nurturing.  I am a green mama- in every aspect of the word, although I don’t want the reading based solely around my views or advice about natural living, healthy options in a toxic world, and protecting our children from environmental damage.  I do however, want to dedicate many of my posts to providing you- readers, mothers, learners, listeners to information that you would most likely love to have at your fingertips but can’t find.