Erica Diamond on The Kim Fraser Show

In case you missed Erica yesterday on the Kim Fraser show talking about balancing a career and family, her Blog, upcoming book and The National Women's Show, here it is. Erica Diamond on Kim Fraser Show CLICK HERE!

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Erica Diamond

Wordless Wednesday

Happy 35th! Just celebrated with my great girlfriend, whose birthday is also today!! I brought 3 kids home in carpool after this champagne. Please don't report me! Latest Update! A 4PM birthday cake from my mom for my boys and me! xoxEDxox

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mommy blogger

Today I’m a Mommy Blogger

Happy Friday readers! I just pulled into Starbucks to Blog.  I was volunteering this morning for my son's school at the local bowling alley for his Purim Bowlathon  (for those of you that don't know, Purim is sort of like our Jewish Halloween).  The kids were all dressed up and adorable, and ran into the bowling alley by the bus load, excited to play hookie for the morning.…

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99 things women wish they knew before starting their own business

My Book

So, as you know, last week I announced I was writing a book. What could she possibly be writing about, you may have thought? Well it turns out this opportunity presented itself and I just couldn't pass it up. It was everything I absolutely know and love, and have 15 years experience in. WOMEN, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, BUSINESS AND BALANCE. Let me…

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My First Video Blog

I figured since you never actually get a chance to see the woman behind the computer, I wanted to check in by video today. My new year's wish for you. Thank you for reading. PS- I look a little stiff and nervous, dontcha think? I think this should be my LAST video blog and stick to writing. xoxEDxox

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