INTERVIEW: Erica Diamond Sits Down With Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

It is exactly five years ago that I sat down with The First Lady of Canada, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, and exactly one year since her husband Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister. Out of all the interviews I have done over the years with incredible women, this one remains my favorite, so I have reposted our interview today in honor of both anniversaries. I texted…

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Dear Eating Disorder

Please note Dear ED is not Dear Erica Diamond. It is a letter written by Marci Warharf-Nadler to her eating disorder. In writing this letter seven years ago, Marci was finally closing a chapter in her life-- letting go of a destructive past. Marci was kind enough to share this candid letter with us, in hopes of shedding light on…

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A Thursday Thought on Suffering in Silence

I know many of you will disagree with me today on today's post, but I wanted to voice my opinion on a news story that broke this week, and how it relates back to all of us. Perhaps you saw the announcement this week that actor Dustin Hoffman is recovering after cancer treatment, and is doing well. "Hoffman is feeling great and…

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Eating Disorders, Dieting and Body Image: One Therapist’s Perspective

By Kenneth Bruce, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist Being a psychologist is a challenging and intensely rewarding experience. In my day job, I am a psychologist. Sounds humble enough, right? In my therapy role, I work with many types of patients, but mainly with women who have an eating disorder (usually anorexia or bulimia). It’s the world’s best day job, and I…

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sophie trudeau

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Erica Diamond Sits Down With Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

I recently reconnected with a childhood friend, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, who is as dynamic, passionate and capable as they come. If you are Canadian, you undoubtedly know who she is. Today, we are getting up close and personal with Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. Enjoy...   Not many people know this, but we grew up together in Montreal, two prima ballerinas dancing…

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ellen degeneres

Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

I watched the beautiful Porta De Rossi on The Oprah Show yesterday. The hour flew by. What an engaging and candid interview. Portia DeRossi, wife of Ellen De Generes, and actress from Ally McBeal and Arrested Development talked openly about her secrets of the past. She was a closeted lesbian, afraid of being "Outed," and had starved herself down to…

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