#MotivationMonday: Practicing The 85% Rule @OWNTV #OWNShow

Happy Motivation Monday, ladies! My second episode of the #OWNSHOW on OWN TV aired live at 7am this morning. This week's episode was more about sharing experiences from my coaching practice as well as my own life experiences, and the one strategy people can practice if they feel they have too much on their plates. This week was about how to make those…

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Career Wisdom From Your Favorite Celebs

By Guest Blogger Sarah Landrum When it comes to celebrities, we love to observe what they’re doing. From stalking their grocery shopping pics to obsessing over what they wearing and who they’re dating, we feed into it all. Who better than our favorite stars to motivate us with career advice? After all, they did make it to the tippy top, and…

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Wordless Wednesday: Filters and Facades

I saw these on Instagram this week, and at first, they made me chuckle because they are in fact funny. But then at second glance, they made me think of something more profound. Something deeper. Something more serious, and more real going on. I also saw an ad that popped up for me yesterday on Facebook. An ad for a…

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The #1 Strategy To Get and Stay Motivated @OWNTV #OWNShow

Today marks an exciting milestone in my career - I join The OWN Network family (it's no secret that Miss Oprah is my hero and inspiration... and also has my dream job, by the way!). ;) I am so honored to share my first of 5 episodes of The #OWNShow on Oprah.com which will roll out for the next 5 Mondays in…

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Recipes and Tips for Healthy Eating This Super Bowl Weekend

By Guest Blogger Tosca Reno One of America’s favorite pastimes is gathering for the Super Bowl, which often involves a spread of unhealthy food options. But you know what? Spending time with your friends and cheering for your favorite team should not have to add to your waistline! Eating clean can be easy, even at parties. You just need the…

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Wordless Wednesday: Celebrating 2 Years With Global TV

I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by. Two years ago today, on a Wednesday morning at 8:45am, I started a new job as the Weekly Parenting and Lifestyle Correspondent on Global TV's The Morning News. I was nervous, somewhat green, and didn't know how our chemistry would actually carry over beyond my screen test. Well, what started as…

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Blue Monday: 10 Tips To Get Yourself Out Of A Rut

"Christmas is over, you've put on weight, it's cold out, it's dark out, your credit card bills are in, you're not going to get another day off until March, and you're tired. You might even be depressed. If so, you are not alone, especially not today. For today, according to one measure, is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of…

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Do You Ever Feel Like People Are Judging You?

By Guest Blogger Kelsey Ramsden Do you ever feel like people are judging you? If your answer was not yes, than clearly you are not paying attention. People ARE judging you.  All of the time. I mention judgment not to make you feel ever-more under a microscope …but to ask a question I am curious about. Do you like or dislike being judged?…

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Playing In Your Own Shit

As I was in yoga class last week, it brought me back to a story a few years back. I would like to share this story that resonated for me, especially since we just started a new year, and can therefore start with a clean slate - tabula rasa. So.... a few years ago. Yoga. Yes. I was totally into it... relaxed,…

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work spouse

Does Your Husband Have A Work Spouse?

TGIF Chiquitas!! That means 20/20 tonight, after Friday night dinner with friends (and double hockey). I LOVE Friday nights. We've been a little heavy around here lately, and as you know, I always like to switch things up, so I came across a funny topic that I hoped would soften the mood today. A friend of mine recently asked me if I…

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