The Bucket List

I must be unconsciously thinking about my mortality this week, because Wednesday’s Blog was about aging, and now I’ve created my Bucket List. I watched the movie “The Bucket List” last night, and cried for two straight hours. What a fabulous movie. But my bucket list, (everything I want to do before I “kick the bucket”) is really a Hodge Podge of the realistic, the possible and the improbable. I wanted to share mine and encourage you to make your own. Maybe it will get you off the fence about something you’ve been sitting on for way too long. Call it a bucket list, but really, all it is, is the 25 Things I want to do before I die. And I ain’t on the fence about any of ’em. Here they are, in no particular order (ok maybe Oprah and Ellen are at the top for a reason)…

My Second Video Blog

A quick thanks for your loyalty ladies! You rock! xoxEDxox

On Aging– Hopefully Gracefully

If there’s one thing no one in this world is exempt from, no matter how rich, how poor, how thin, how nice, how evil, how generous, WHATEVER, it’s AGING. Yes, we are all aging. And we are fighting it at the exact same rate as the next woman. Some age better, some worse, but it’s a process we all must face whether we like it or not.


A Single Mom’s Valentine’s Day. One Woman’s Story…

I learned early on in life what survival meant, and have been doing just that since the tender age of 5. It’s from that point that I remember the very first beating I had from my father. I was physically abused as a child, to the age of 22, and had spent my adolescent life lying about the welts and bruises I had on a weekly basis right up until I got engaged to be married, but still living at home.


Friday Updates

I also wanted to share with you ladies that I have been officially chosen by ABC’s The View (Yes as in Barbara Walters, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar, Whoopi Golderg and Sherri Shepherd) to be an Ambassador for the show, to represent the Mom community. I was honored that they believed in me, considering my voice is very new to the mom community. It’s exciting. You girls know how I love all things women and talk related. It’s gonna be fun. I’ll keep you posted along the way on how it goes. So if you have any suggestions for guests you’d love to see on the show, come to MOI! Ha ha. For real!

Unlocking Your Passion

Have you ever had a burning desire to do something, but never got off the fence to do it? Do you have an artistic talent that’s been hidden for a long time? Do you love to cook? Did you every wanna be the next American idol? Seriously! Today’s Blog post came to me last night when I got home from Dancing With The Stars. Yes, in Montreal, we put on our very own version each year of Dancing With The Stars, a fundraiser to benefit the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Women and men in our community are paired with professional dancers and compete just as on TV. Jean-Marc Généreux, one of the judges from So You Think You can Dance acted as one of the judges last night. It was great fun.

Off The Fence & Into The Gym

I’ve been training clients for more than 25 years now, mostly women, and I’ve heard my fair share of workout goals from the opposite sex. For the most part, they are body part related, and the eternal quest for thinner thighs, flatter stomachs, and more toned arms continues to this day. I have learned to listen to their requests, sympathize with body image discontent, and do my best to deliver results. I combine my own agenda as a trainer with 25 years of experience and constant learning, my life experience as a human being, my clients’ goals, and I deliver my very best workout advice I can.


Guilty Part II

All the writing has kept me quite isolated, quite tired and a little more away from the kids than I’m used to. All this to say, I’m feeling the guilt. Oh the guilt. What a bad feeling. I’m having major flashbacks of the time when my stress level was at a feverish pitch, right before I sold my business, and my son would look at me and say, “I miss you mommy. How come you’re leaving again?” So, I would like to give a “HOLLA” (yes, that’s the sort of thing Jay Z and 50 Cent shout out at the Grammy’s), to my wonderful MOTHER. She has been my saving grace for the past two weeks when things started to get very hairy. She has been there to help out with the kids, and to nurture me emotionally. When the kids are with her, I never feel guilty. I can work with a clear head. I’m lucky to have you mom… I know you’re reading.

Wordless Wednesday

A Blackberry Shot from the book cover photo shoot today! Okay, going to have lunch now.

You’re Only As Happy As Your Least Happy Child

Have you every heard this expression? I have a very good friend who always says this, and I believe it to be true. If you’re a mommy reader, I think you’ll be able to relate.



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