Unlocking Your Passion

Have you ever had a burning desire to do something, but never got off the fence to do it? Do you have an artistic talent that’s been hidden for a long time? Do you love to cook? Did you every wanna be the next American idol? Seriously! Today’s Blog post came to me last night when I got home from Dancing With The Stars. Yes, in Montreal, we put on our very own version each year of Dancing With The Stars, a fundraiser to benefit the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Women and men in our community are paired with professional dancers and compete just as on TV. Jean-Marc Généreux, one of the judges from So You Think You can Dance acted as one of the judges last night. It was great fun.

Off The Fence & Into The Gym

I’ve been training clients for more than 25 years now, mostly women, and I’ve heard my fair share of workout goals from the opposite sex. For the most part, they are body part related, and the eternal quest for thinner thighs, flatter stomachs, and more toned arms continues to this day. I have learned to listen to their requests, sympathize with body image discontent, and do my best to deliver results. I combine my own agenda as a trainer with 25 years of experience and constant learning, my life experience as a human being, my clients’ goals, and I deliver my very best workout advice I can.


Guilty Part II

All the writing has kept me quite isolated, quite tired and a little more away from the kids than I’m used to. All this to say, I’m feeling the guilt. Oh the guilt. What a bad feeling. I’m having major flashbacks of the time when my stress level was at a feverish pitch, right before I sold my business, and my son would look at me and say, “I miss you mommy. How come you’re leaving again?” So, I would like to give a “HOLLA” (yes, that’s the sort of thing Jay Z and 50 Cent shout out at the Grammy’s), to my wonderful MOTHER. She has been my saving grace for the past two weeks when things started to get very hairy. She has been there to help out with the kids, and to nurture me emotionally. When the kids are with her, I never feel guilty. I can work with a clear head. I’m lucky to have you mom… I know you’re reading.

Wordless Wednesday

A Blackberry Shot from the book cover photo shoot today! Okay, going to have lunch now.

You’re Only As Happy As Your Least Happy Child

Have you every heard this expression? I have a very good friend who always says this, and I believe it to be true. If you’re a mommy reader, I think you’ll be able to relate.


Elizabeth Edwards, A Woman Off The Fence

Many of you have asked my opinion on this week’s announcement that cancer-stricken Elizabeth Edwards has left her husband, former presidential candidate John Edwards. I covered this story before, as I found…

My Book

My book is, <> 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before… Starting Their Own Business.

Do you like it? I love it… It’s women, business, entrepreneurship and balance all wrapped up in one. I will be sharing my tips for women on how to start their own business and make it as successful as they dreamed. Anything women and business related is my first love and passion, it’s what I know. If you don’t know my business background, please see About Erica.

Mobile Madness

Parents must stand united in how they deal with what has become “mobile madness” or this invasion of electronics into our private lives. Things have really gotten out of hand.


Going The Distance

But, you know what, I realized I have tremendous resilience in my being and I never stay down too long. My glass is 9/10 times full. I persevere. I’m all Patty Simcox from Grease. I try. But for many women who have low self esteem, or have frequent visits from negative people in their brains, going the distance can be hard. It’s not always that easy to get your ass off the saddle and climb the hill. Life is not always a spin class at the gym where you get off the bike in 60 minutes.


The Art of Giving – OF Yourself, and TO Yourself

Many years ago, a Rabbi told me that by giving an EXTRA ONE percent of daily effort, I could self-improve by 365% by years’ end! Surely it seemed like a rather ridiculous pronouncement at the time, but as I have matured and learned, I see his words ring true.



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