Erica Diamond on The Kim Fraser Show

In case you missed Erica on the Kim Fraser show talking about balancing a career, family and marriage, her Blog, book and The National Women’s Show, here it is.

Lying by Omission

Last month, I celebrated my daughter’s birthday. For the years that I have been divorced, it has been understood that this special day with our eldest child is to be shared… it’s always been. From our birthday lunch, to special moments shared together, this day is placed on a pedestal to recognize its importance. On this day, I had been eagerly anticipating her arrival as it had been a week since I had had my children. In fact, I stayed up till exactly midnight to ensure her e-mail birthday wishes would arrive exactly on time, in spirit and style, despite us not being physically together. When I didn’t hear back from her the next morning, I had that feeling, which brought a great deal of sadness in my heart. What had I done in my life and marriage that things had spiraled down to this– that I hadn’t even heard from daughter on her birthday? I thought of the injustice of the whole thing and simply shook my head in amazement at how empty it feels to live a divorced life, missing these once in a lifetime moments. It was a profound moment for me.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday. Happy 35th! Just celebrated with my great friend, whose birthday is also today!! I brought 3 kids home in carpool after this champagne. Please don’t report me!

What Life’s All About

And as I lay in bed tonight, I can’t help but think how life changes when you have kids. Before I had kids 6 years ago, I had never stepped foot in a Wal-Mart. EVER.IN.MY.LIFE. I had never stepped foot into a Chuck E Cheese (I had heard of it, but thought it was a cheese shop… for real), or even a Toys R Us for that matter. I’m an only child with no nieces or nephews, so baby gifts consisted of Burberry sleepers and snowsuits from the fancy children’s clothing store. It was all I knew. And then at 28 years old, my life forever changed, as all of our lives do after we push out the basketball growing inside us for 9 months. And I think priorities start to shift. We don’t lose ourselves, (at least we hope we don’t), but things start to take on a different meaning.


Complaining: “Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?”

I knew someone, actually someone I used to work with, who complained about EVERYTHING! Frikkin’ everything! About the unfairness of her being given the worst clients, to having the worst behaved child in the world, to having the most unsupportive husband, and the list went on an on. I can complain with the best of ’em, but I’m telling you, I was Miss Susie Sunshine next to this woman. The truth is, no one likes to be around a complainer, except well, maybe, other complainers.


Wordless Wednesday

Words of Praise for 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before… Starting Their Own Business

“Erica embodies one of the greatest things about women: multi-tasking. She has accomplished so much, conquering the fields of business, parenting , blogging, and also contributing to charity work. Women should draw inspiration from her and especially from this book: be bold! There is nothing you cannot do if you put your mind and heart into it.”

—– Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

Off The Fence With Some Good Ones


Women have strengths that amaze men. They carry children, they carry hardships, they carry burdens but they hold happiness, love and joy. They smile when they want to scream. They sing when they want to cry. They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous.


What If This Birthday Was Your Last?

I feel that out of all the blog posts I’ve shared with you, this one should leave the biggest impact. I had the good fortune of meeting an incredible woman many years ago… twenty three to be exact. I was young, single, and I was shopping for towels and linens for my new apartment. When I was walked into the linen store, it was awe at first glance. At the first sight of this woman, I felt something. I can’t explain exactly what it was. She was a foreigner, she was young and beautiful, I would later find out she was a working mom, and her spirit somehow touched me that first day.


Friday’s Recipe Exchange

Some of you have been suggesting that I do some sort of recipe exchange on the Blog. So what I have decided to do today as a test, with spring in the air, and BBQ season just around the corner, is encourage all of you to add some of your favorite recipes for our readers. This way, if something sounds interesting, you can jot it down, or copy and paste, and voila, you have it! I will add that Shrimp Dish I cooked on Monday night. It’s my mother in law’s recipe, and it’s DELICIOUS! Not very low fat, but very tasty just the same!


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