My answer is “NO thank you right now.” Practicing saying the “forbidden word.”

So, I received a call the other day to teach a weekly course (4 hours a week) on entrepreneurship and mentoring... for free.  Everything I do, by the way, be it giving sales and marketing seminars in October, to the stuff I describe below, I do it all for free.…

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Kim Clijsters, Clearly NOT a Woman on the Fence

For those of you who are not big tennis fans, you don't have to be to appreciate this story. Kim Clijsters, formerly the number one ranked tennis player in the world, had retired. For two years she left professional tennis, the game she loved, the vehicle of her income, to…

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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Oh, this is one of my favorite topics! Men. Women. Relationships. Marriage. I have a lot to say about this topic, so grab your coffee... this is gonna be a longie. Considering our divorce rate is something like 50-60%, it's not a crazy question to ask if men and women…

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Rushing Through Life. Is it worth it?

Okay ladies. 2nd blog! I'm officially a blogger! The idea for this  blog was born on the golf course.  (I can't figure out why after playing golf for so many years left handed, I would go and screw things up and become right handed... but that's a whole other disastrous…

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Hello World… I Finally did it!!

Hi to all my Women out there! I am Erica Diamond. I am 34.  I am Wife.  I am a Mother of 2 young boys. I am an Award Winning Entrepreneur and Businesswoman. I am a Reality TV Show Writer. I am a Hockey Mom. I am a serial Volunteer.…

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