Alpha Wives, Beta Husbands

Are you the breadwinner in your relationship? Are you making more money than your husband? Are you frustrated and resentful or are you proud and grateful? Could you be with a man if you were the one working and bringing home the bacon, and he was the one organizing playdates and park excursions? I’ve wanted to do a Blog post on this topic for some time… we call these women Alpha Wives, or Breadwinning Wives. And they exist by the numbers today.


12 Tips On Aging… Not On Fast Forward

Happy Monday, Ladies! I hope you all enjoyed your Mother’s Day. I had a wonderful weekend with my family. Yes, I even DANCED Saturday night! If you’re a reader of this Blog, you’ll know that I’ve written a post on aging gracefully. I pointed out the simple fact, that no matter how rich, how poor, how thin, how happy, how unhappy you are, there is one thing in this world you cannot fight, and just happen to be battling at the EXACT same rate as the next person… AGING. Madonna is 50. Yes, Even Madonna turned 50! Enough said. But in that Blog post, I talked about my desire to age without any help from Dr. 90210. I spoke of how to age “gracefully.” But, today, we’re taking matters into our own hands. Today, we’re talking putting that aging process on slow-mo. And I’m not on the fence here. I just turned 35 and because I don’t wanna go the plastic route, I’m gonna fight the shit out of this aging process. I’m gonna be good to me.


A Mother’s Day Tribute

Sunday is Mother’s Day. This Mother’s Day 2010, I am a Blogger for the first time, which means I can profess my love for my mom TO THE WORLD! Mama I love you. You have been my best friend for the past 35 years. In fact, I will show you now for the first time, in honor of Mother’s Day, my tribute to you and dad in my upcoming book.


Wordless Wednesday

back in the day, how to serve your man, Marriage, sex and marriage, times they are a’ changing, how to please your man


Sometimes I Just Wanna Dance…

Have you ever looked at your life, your daily routine, your kids, your job, and thought… I just wanna throw on a pair of heels, and dance the night away? I confess, I have.


Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

But on a serious note, when and how do we discuss sexuality with our kids? I am from the school of thought that we should share knowledge with out kids and not leave them in the dark. While I agree, some things are considered “over-share” and I’m guilty, I think kids should see kissing, hand-holding and affection between partners. I truly think that growing up in a safe environment with loving parents only breeds security and love.


Wordless Wednesday

Death at 25: Blogging the end of a life
Read this incredible CNN Story of courage and love.
Eva Markvoort

Never Underestimate the Power of Will

And I feel like many incredible and successful things were built on a dream… Microsoft the biggest example. I surely know that the success I have had in the past 7 months has been solely based on willpower and a dream. And that isn’t a cheesy line, it’s the truth. So I’d like to leave you with one quote. And then ask you… what do YOU imagine for yourself? What do YOU dream of? What do YOU wish for? And what are YOU doing to make that dream a reality?



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