Very cute… watch these!

Cough Etiquette Click on "Cough Etiquette" above. And click on this YouTube Link below Some good laughs! Enjoy, xoxEDxox

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Beating the November Blues

It gets dark at 4:30PM, it's dreary, it's windy, it's darn right depressing. In fact, on most days in November, curling into bed at 3PM for a nap just feels like the natural thing to do. Hibernation, I think it's called! November just ain't one of my favorite months. I'd…

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Secrets & Lies

Have you ever cut the price tag off a new dress so your boyfriend or husband wouldn't find out what it REALLY cost? Have you ever told your friend she looks thin and great when in fact she looks awful? Have you ever secretly been attracted to someone other than…

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If You Think You’re Stuck On The Fence…

The Story A son asked his father, 'Dad, will you take part in a marathon with me?' The father who, despite having a heart condition said 'yes.' They went on to complete the marathon together. Father and son went on to join other marathons, the father always saying 'yes' to…

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A Woman’s Monthly Period– From a Male Perspective

Ladies, I have decided to shake things up a little. We will now have a new ANONYMOUS MALE Guest Blogger who will show up every so often on this blog. His goal is to explain to us ladies, from a man's perspective, that men too sit on the fence with…

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How Often Do YOU Have Sex?

Well ladies, I feel like we haven't covered sex in a while, so we're well overdue! Last night after proudly watching my son's hockey practice, I went to dinner with my baby group girlfriends. It's very nice; the same group of 8 girls I started a baby group with six…

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On The Fence About Having Another Kid?

Well Ladies, some good news happened to me when my sister-in-law got hitched about two weeks ago. The pressure from my in-laws to have another child was finally lifted off of my head, and so nicely placed upon my sis-in-law's precious head. People say, "Have another baby. Try for a GIRL. C'mom. You can do it.…

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Cher & Chaz Bono

Living An Authentic Life

When deciding what to title today's Blog post, I changed my mind about six times. "'Living An Authentic Life' sounded too Oprah," I thought. But, truly, it's what felt best. So, the pardon the title if it feels too familiar. :) So how do we live an authentic life? How…

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Evelyn Lauder

The Closing Of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I began October covering Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention, and I would like to close October the same way.  So, for today, I will be mentioning just a few incredible women who are making some amazing progress in the fight against breast cancer. Here they are, and here are their…

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It’s Still Someone’s Dad…

Well ladies, this week has been a sad one for our family. We lost my uncle to cancer and my husband's grandfather all in a matter of days. We received the call from the hospital at 2:35am this morning that my husband's 92 year old grandfather had passed away. I…

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