Do You Live For Today?

I came upon this story while I was on vacation. Actually, I remember the exact moment... I had just finished swimming in the lake with the boys.  I opened my Blackberry and there in my inbox, a friend of mine had sent me the story of Leah Siegel. It moved me to tears, and although it's a very tough one…

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yoga for stress

When Things Aren’t Working, Try Something Else…

By Guest Blogger Rana Waxman What do you think when you look in the mirror? — I am a beautiful, awesome, wonderful, powerful, loving and capable woman!! “WHAT??????” You’re probably saying as you read this, “NO WAY!! I am tired, stressed out, overwhelmed, exhausted, angry, anxious, and frustrated.” Sound familiar?  If stress has taken over your life like a garden full of…

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Because I’m Worth It…

By Guest Blogger Erika Rath 300 pounds! 300 pounds! I looked at the scale and couldn’t believe the number staring back at me.  How had this happened?  How had I let myself go?  I was in my early twenties, miserable, and weighing in at an unthinkable 300 pounds. It had to stop. But how?  I had tried it all.  The…

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WORDY Wednesday

GET OFF THE FENCE AND GET HEALTHY! Share this chart with those you love and want to keep happy and healthy! ——————————————>>>>>>>>> ——————————————>>>>>>>>> ——————————————>>>>>>>>> ——————————————>>>>>>>>> ——————————————>>>>>>>>> Share this Chart with everyone Apples Protects your heart prevents constipation Blocks diarrhea Improves lung capacity Cushions joints Apricots Combats cancer Controls blood pressure Saves your eyesight Shields against Alzheimer's Slows aging process Artichokes…

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being silly

Getting Silly!

So, I figured today I'd lighten the mood around here. All the Blog posts I have been reading and writing lately have been a little heavy. But that's just what life is... a series of movements, one happening at a time. With all of life's challenges, or with your children graduating and trying to guide them in the right direction,…

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dog shelter

Denise Richards & A Call To Action

It all started with a Facebook status update. I had left my Facebook page open on our office computer Saturday afternoon, and my husband sat down to check the daily sports stats online.  "Come quick" he said, "You have to see this." He then pointed to one of the status updates in my account. "Look at this 7 month old…

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Wordless Wednesday

Watch this incredible video to see Wordless Wednesday come to life! And if you've seen it, (as I already had, but stumbled upon it again), WATCH IT AGAIN! Now tell us how you feel... xoxEDxox

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life isn't always fair

Life Isn’t Always Fair

I wasn't going to blog today. I was going to take the day off for self care. But I learned a valuable lesson today. A very big one, and I decided to share it. I sit at my computer now, with tears streaming down my eyes. Life isn't always fair. But we do the best we can with the hand…

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woman in the glass

The Woman in the Glass

The Woman in the Glass When you get what you want as your struggle for self And the world makes you queen for a day, Just go to the mirror and look at yourself, And see what that woman has to say. For it isn't your father or mother or husband Who's judgement upon you must pass; The person whose…

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running on empty

Running On Empty

Have you been suffering from chronic fatigue lately? Find yourself tossing and turning at night unable to shut off your brain? Feeling at a low... emotionally, physically or spiritually? Have you lost your appetite? Or are you binge eating from stress or boredom? Been looking for your mojo and can't seem to find it anywhere? If you answered yes to…

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