Wisdom Wednesday From Catherine Deneuve

So, this about sums up how I feel about turning 40 this year and deciding to choose my face. I have wanted to write a blog post on this topic for a long time, but the beautiful Catherine Deneuve so eloquently says it as it is. As we age, we either choose our face or our ass. Why? What does this mean?…

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Alternative Cures for Anxiety: How to Cope with Anxiety without Medication

By Guest Blogger Dr. Carlo Carandang It may seem like a cliche, but I chose to become a psychiatrist as a way to help myself. I always suffered from anxiety, but never considered that help was available until I went through my psychiatry clinical clerkship as a medical student. During my psychiatry rotation, I soon found my calling- helping others who…

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On A Journey To #MakeItHappenMonday

Last week, I was thrilled to announce that I partnered with Motrin on their latest #MakeItHappenMonday Campaign, and that it is our mission to transform every woman’s “I wish” into “I will.” Challenges have the power to lead to new growth that we never expected. I am on a mission to inspire women to step outside of their comfort zones and try something new-- and…

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Failing Up

I listened to something this weekend that I was merely curious about at first, but instead of tuning in for a couple of minutes, found myself lying in bed Sunday morning and listening to the entire hour. Andy Lassner. Maybe you follow him on Twitter, maybe you don't (you should if you don't, the guy is funny as hell). Andy, (Executive…

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#MakeItHappenMonday: Transforming “I Wish” into “I Will”

I am so excited to share something with you today. I'm thrilled to announce that I've partnered with Motrin on their latest #MakeItHappenMonday Campaign. It is our mission to transform every woman’s “I wish” into “I will.” Challenges have the power to lead to new growth that we never expected. I am on a mission to inspire women to step outside of their…

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Off The Fence and Onto The Sea

By Guest Blogger Bethany Rosselit I know all about sitting on the fence. I didn't just sit there for 10 years.  I bought a house there. I was settled down with my family of three, living in a 4-bedroom house in the woods.  I had worked in the same job for 10 years, and I would probably retire from it, growing…

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10 Tips To Stay Healthy and Happy This Summer

It's just about that time - the evenings are longer, school's out, and I am reminded that I need to pull out my white skinnies more often. It's for this reason that I decided LAST summer, that throughout the summer months, I will come from a place of YES instead of my frequent place of NO. "No, you can't stay up 30 minutes later," "No, you're…

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We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons." Jim Rohn I think we all wonder sometimes what our life WOULD have been like, had we taken that other path. Had we stayed with this person, or taken that job. Kind…

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5 Great Summer Reads!

Summer is the perfect time to take a break, lay out in the sunshine and get into a great book. On this week's Global TV segment, I shared five great summer reads. In the fall, I had included something for every woman: fiction, non-fiction, laugh-out-loud funny, witty, heartwarming, and a heart-pounding thriller. For the summer though, I kept it a  little lighter. We don't have…

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WALKING For Just 2 Minutes An Hour Can Extend Your Life

Just a quick check in this morning to show you some new research. Calling all my extended period of time desk-sitting chiquitas! Check out this little video below. Researchers find that adding two minutes of light exercise to each hour of your day lowers your risk of dying prematurely by 33 percent.  It's the latest research to show how important simply walking…

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