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The ‘Mommy Juice’ Trend: Drinking To Relieve Stress

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Last week, Maria Shriver had a very interesting segment on TODAY. It was called, The ‘Mommy Juice’ Trend: How Do You Know When You Have a Problem?


“On some play dates these days, the clinking of wine glasses accompanies the laughter of children as parents relax with a drink while their kids frolic.

For many moms, alcohol is a harmless antidote to anxiety, but experts worry that more women are drinking to excess and putting themselves and their kids at risk.

“I’m seeing it widespread across the country – an increase of moms, particularly with young kids, coming in for treatment,” Deni Carise, deputy chief clinical officer at CRC Health Group, the nation’s largest provider of addiction treatment, told Maria Shriver on TODAY.


14 Surefire Morning Rituals to Start Your Day Right

Friday, April 4th, 2014

By Guest Blogger Jona Miranda Jone


Mornings are not easy. Doesn’t it make you wonder why those people in the coffee commercials are always ecstatic to roll out of bed, open their window drapes, and start the daily grind? It’s almost like the sun is smiling back at them. I’m a mom of two little angels and am months away from having my third child, and I admit, mornings but can tough. But more than just a perfect cup of coffee, there are tons of morning habits you can do to start AND end your day right.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Here are 14 surefire morning rituals to start your day right. Try one, try ‘em all:


6 Spring Cleaning APPS To Help You Organize Your Life!

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Yesterday morning on my weekly parenting segment for Global TV, I shared 5 Spring Cleaning Apps for Parents. You know, kind of like a DIGITAL spring cleanse! I encourage you to check out the segment and learn about some great apps that will simplify your life. I have included 6 below with their links, to help you GET ORGANIZED! There is no better time than spring to get off the fence and clean house.

Direct link to segment: (more…)


Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

By Guest Blogger Susan Wener

Resilience is a story of hope, faith, belief, and triumph.

At one point in our lives, no matter who we are, or how much we have, the rug will get pulled out from underneath us.

Resilience is my story, spanning over 30 years. It is one filled with physical, emotional and spiritual challenges as well as one filled with laughter, peace and joy.


I was diagnosed with colon cancer when I was just 36 years old . My three daughters were 8, 12 and almost 14 at the time. Although I knew if I died it would be very difficult and painful for my husband, he was not the one I was concerned about. What would happen to my girls? They were so young. They had barely begun to live their lives. Was it a possibility that they would end up watching their mother lose hers? That very thought took my breath away. There was still so much left to do, so much more to teach them. They needed to be armed with tools and strategies to help them become strong, independent and successful young women. I had to stay alive long enough to help them with that.

Initially I went to the library and to bookstores and read everything I could on colon cancer. Then I started reading books written by survivors who had experienced some kind of cancer. I wanted to model those who had made it. What did they eat? What did they think? What did they do? I was desperate for guidance. No matter how hard I looked, I could not find anything written by anyone who had made it ten, fifteen, or twenty years down the road. When a crisis happens, it is easy to write about it right away. When a plane crashes, a mine collapses, or a tsunami hits, we read remarkable heroic stories written almost immediately after the event. But what happens after the initial crisis is over? For someone who has had cancer, can it ever really be over? Would I always live a life in the shadow of this terrible disease? Would I become defined by it? Could my children ever feel safe in their skins having had a sick mother?


WATCH: Erica Diamond on #HuffPost Live

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

I was honored this week when Huffington Post Live asked me to weigh in on a topic that is very near and dear to my heart, and something I have been coaching for years – how to live a happy, peaceful and thriving existence in life and business. Arianna Huffington, Editor-In-Chief of The Huffington Post recently founded The Third Metric: Redefining Success Beyond Money and Power (now a website, video and conference). She talks about the third metric for success, which I will further explain below in an infographic.

Yesterday I shared a few tips and strategies for Third Metric Success. You can watch a small snippet which The Huffington Post has been sharing, or you may watch the full interview. In the full interview below, I come in around the 7-minute mark, but you might wish to watch the entire interview.

Sleep Is Crucial To Success – Erica Diamond

Direct Link:


Wordless Wednesday: A Fun Personality Test

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014



Thank you to my friend who forwarded this fun personality test to share. Would love to know in a comment below what door you chose!

Pick the door that looks the most appealing to you (remember to pick the door FIRST before reading). This might reveal a few things about your personality.

1- You are a fun individual that likes to keep things light and airy. You are all about nurturing others and appreciating the simple luxuries in life; such as your fine dishware, favorite candle or eating artisan bread from the local bakery. You most likely have a love for traveling and other cultures. You truly want the best for everyone and love creating a welcoming atmosphere. It is important to remember that if you ever feel that you need help or support, it is OK to just ask someone.