WALKING For Just 2 Minutes An Hour Can Extend Your Life

Just a quick check in this morning to show you some new research. Calling all my extended period of time desk-sitting chiquitas! Check out this little video below. Researchers find that adding two minutes of light exercise to each hour of your day lowers your risk of dying prematurely by 33 percent.  It's the latest research to show how important simply walking…

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When Your Life Gets Turned Upside Down

By Guest Blogger Lisa Blobstein At 35, I had it all. I had a newborn son and was married to the most incredible man I had ever met. I had great friends, family and a job I loved. I was dreaming of mommy and child classes and being a family. And then, everything changed. My husband complained that it felt…

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Hello, I’m back.

Sorry I've dropped off the face of the blog for a week. Hello, I'm back! I rested my fingertips and my brain the past few days and returned home late last night after celebrating my first-ever destination wedding and my 40th birthday in Turks and Caicos. It was a Caribbean sun, fun, and family time vacation, and it was divine. I surrendered to daily…

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The Season Of F*ck It

By Guest Blogger Jamie Greenwood A few months ago, I was interviewed by my dear friend and therapist Dr. Leslie Carr. During our chat, we touched on one of my favorite topics - the overachieving woman.  You see, we are entering a season I like to call, The Season of F*ck It. Let me explain. Many of my clients are a lot like…

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5 Keys To Reclaiming Your Badass Sexy

By Guest Blogger Ester Nicholson "Oh My God, I hate my thighs! Is that a hair growing out of my chin? No, it's three hairs growing out of my chin, and it's friggin gray!!! Was that wrinkle on my forehead there yesterday? My tummy is sooo FAT! God, I feel like I'm going crazy! Maybe I should get a face-lift... I…

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SPRING CONTEST ALERT! Where Would You Travel With @Aeroplan?

Let’s get right to it, shall we? Tuesday is as good a day as any to announce an exciting giveaway! You, my awesome readers, know that I have been a loyal member of the Aeroplan program, accumulating Aeroplan Miles as I have spent dollars (which I have redeemed for airfare, hotel, car rental, merchandise, and more), for almost 20 YEARS!  I believe in this brand so…

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Angelina Jolie: A Woman Off The Fence

Cheers to this lady and her courage and braveness on sharing so openly and candidly with the world in hopes of both spreading awareness and saving her own life. ... Then two weeks ago I got a call from my doctor with blood-test results. “Your CA-125 is normal,” he said. I breathed a sigh of relief. That test measures the amount of…

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Spring Clean Your Body Through Juicing

By Guest Blogger Joanna Barcessat I have always prided myself on being a strong, independent, courageous woman. It was the way I was raised. Or rather, it is the direct result of practically raising myself, with parents who were too busy “surviving,” to really pay attention. Either way, my two sisters and I only know from hard work and trudging…

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Tiny, Invisible Signs You Are On The Wrong Path @OWNTV #OWNShow

Happy #MotivationMonday, ladies! My third episode of the #OWNSHOW on OWN TV aired live at 7am this morning. Oprah calls them the "tiny whispers" that we often ignore. These tiny whispers are also called your instincts or intuition. Today, I share why listening to that inner voice is so important to our happiness. Additionally, some small telling signs that we should all pay attention…

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The #1 Strategy To Get and Stay Motivated @OWNTV #OWNShow

Today marks an exciting milestone in my career - I join The OWN Network family (it's no secret that Miss Oprah is my hero and inspiration... and also has my dream job, by the way!). ;) I am so honored to share my first of 5 episodes of The #OWNShow on Oprah.com which will roll out for the next 5 Mondays in…

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