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5 Quick, Easy and Healthy Dinner Recipes for Families

On this week’s Global TV parenting segment, we discussed one of my favorite topics – food! Food, glorious food! Actually, not so glorious when your kids complain that they don’t like what you’re serving, and then they ask for the trusty grilled cheese. Yes, many of you have stated that you make ONE family meal, and if the kids don’t like what…

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Yom Kippur: A Day of Fasting, Atonement and Reflection

Tomorrow is a day known to Jewish people as Yom Kippur- the holiest, most religious day of the year. Tonight kicks off the day where we repent our sins, and ask G-d for forgiveness. Tomorrow is also a day of fasting. (Confession here- I'm not that strong in the fasting department). Tomorrow night will mark my favorite synagogue service of the year. We…

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Just Do It

Today's post is for our mom readers. But, if you read between the lines, I really think it applies to all of us. We could all learn a thing or two about the underlying message being spoken below. This blog post came from my son's new school in the form of a newsletter. For my American readers and the rest of my Canadian readers,…

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me and Tory Johnson

Shifting With Tory Johnson

Tory Johnson, long distance friend, rockstar entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, and Good Morning America weekly contributor is a force to be reckoned with. Here we are back in 2011 when I spoke at her Spark and Hustle conference on entrepreneurship and sales strategies. I'd love you to read more on that incredible experience here, because there are some wonderful life and business…

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QUIZ: How Strong Is Your Work/Life Balance?

Hi Girls, and Happy Hump Day to you! We're smack in the middle of the week, which means we're still in WORK mode, but we're also approaching LIFE mode with the weekend a couple of days away. Work/life balance is something many of us strive for, but it's often hard to know if we've made it there. Are we balanced? Can…

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September is National Yoga Awareness Month

When I look at how I manage the everyday juggle and grind, there are two things that keep me most grounded through it all. There are two things, that no matter how stressed I am, or how frazzled I may be, that literally transform my entire aura. One is meditation. The other... yoga. About  13 years ago, I was close to…

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A Past Distilled

By Guest Blogger Cynthia Kazandjian We are born, so to speak, provisionally, it doesn’t matter where. It is only gradually that we compose within ourselves our true place of origin so that we may be born there retrospectively and each day more definitely." ~Rainer Maria Rilke You could argue that I came by my family unit for all the wrong reasons…

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Wisdom Wednesday From Catherine Deneuve

So, this about sums up how I feel about turning 40 this year and deciding to choose my face. I have wanted to write a blog post on this topic for a long time, but the beautiful Catherine Deneuve so eloquently says it as it is. As we age, we either choose our face or our ass. Why? What does this mean?…

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Alternative Cures for Anxiety: How to Cope with Anxiety without Medication

By Guest Blogger Dr. Carlo Carandang It may seem like a cliche, but I chose to become a psychiatrist as a way to help myself. I always suffered from anxiety, but never considered that help was available until I went through my psychiatry clinical clerkship as a medical student. During my psychiatry rotation, I soon found my calling- helping others who…

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On A Journey To #MakeItHappenMonday

Last week, I was thrilled to announce that I partnered with Motrin on their latest #MakeItHappenMonday Campaign, and that it is our mission to transform every woman’s “I wish” into “I will.” Challenges have the power to lead to new growth that we never expected. I am on a mission to inspire women to step outside of their comfort zones and try something new-- and…

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