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Beyond Politics: Trump and Inauguration Day

So, this is not a political blog. I'm pretty sure you know that by now. But, I do have something I really want to say, so here goes... For some, today is a day to rejoice and celebrate. Change is upon us, and Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States of America for the next four…

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Wordless Wednesday: I’m Really Not Ready For The Teenage Years

Not at all.

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12-Month Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

By Theresa Gibson A big congratulation if you’re the owner of a brand spanking’ sparkly new engagement ring! Wedding planning is very exciting but there are times when it can be incredibly stressful as well which is why a handy wedding checklist will be the thing you turn to again and again. In today's post, I give you a step-by-step wedding checklist to help…

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Blue Monday: Today is Considered the ‘Most Depressing Day of the Year’

"Christmas is over, you've put on weight, it's cold out, it's dark out, your credit card bills are in, you're not going to get another day off until March, and you're tired. You might even be depressed. If so, you are not alone, especially not today. For today, according to one measure, is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of…

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By Sabrina Must Despite an accumulative 3.8 GPA, winning the Most Athletic Award in high school trumped all scholastic achievements. It was all worth it: Hours playing soccer and baseball in the elementary school boys leagues; hours driving from one practice to the next, flying from one tournament to the next; hours learning how to juggle as night fell, refusing to…

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I’m Making No Resolutions For 2016. It’s All About THIS…

Hello, I’m back! Back in the groove. One kid is back at school. The other kid is still sleeping (he's back tomorrow). I’m at my computer. Happy 2016, my beautiful ladies! For the first time in a few years, I did not check in once while on a blogging hiatus. I felt guilty for not connecting with you these past two…

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IMG_2168’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Good morning and Happy Monday! I'm sitting in my office, I hear the lovely birds chirping outside, but it's dark and dreary out my window, and honestly not very good for the mojo. However, it's also the second night of Chanukah and 18 days until Christmas! Yup it's that fun and frenetic time of year. We have never done a holiday gift guide,…

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Madonna, New York City, California, Tremblant, PK Subban & @Aeroplan!

Summer is almost here, and I am so excited to show this to you today! Let me give you a little teaser first... Madonna, New York City, golf, Tremblant, California, Broadway, PK Subban. Yup. ;) For all the readers who know I have been a loyal member of the Aeroplan program, accumulating Aeroplan Miles as I have spent dollars for almost 20 YEARS, as well as their Brand…

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Is It Okay For A Woman To Drink Alone In A Bar?

By Guest Blogger Rebecca Longman Here I am, 4.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon, 32 years of age and propping up a bar in Stamford, CT. I look around and there’s plenty of men, doing the same as me, drinking alone, yet I’m the one getting the ‘what’s your story’ looks. Before you judge me let me explain why I’m here.…

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Change Is Inevitable, Growth Is Optional

Embracing change is never easy. We as a people, are not by nature, adaptive to change. Why? Change means 'new.' Change involves the unknown. Change means breaking comfortable patterns. Change involves going outside our comfort zone. We can fight change, we can try to avoid it, but change happens. And while change can come as a huge relief if we’ve just moved past a bad…

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