Madonna, New York City, California, Tremblant, PK Subban & @Aeroplan!

Summer is almost here, and I am so excited to show this to you today! Let me give you a little teaser first... Madonna, New York City, golf, Tremblant, California, Broadway, PK Subban. Yup. ;) For all the readers who know I have been a loyal member of the Aeroplan program, accumulating Aeroplan Miles as I have spent dollars for almost 20 YEARS, as well as their Brand…

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Is It Okay For A Woman To Drink Alone In A Bar?

By Guest Blogger Rebecca Longman Here I am, 4.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon, 32 years of age and propping up a bar in Stamford, CT. I look around and there’s plenty of men, doing the same as me, drinking alone, yet I’m the one getting the ‘what’s your story’ looks. Before you judge me let me explain why I’m here.…

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Change Is Inevitable, Growth Is Optional

Embracing change is never easy. We as a people, are not by nature, adaptive to change. Why? Change means 'new.' Change involves the unknown. Change means breaking comfortable patterns. Change involves going outside our comfort zone. We can fight change, we can try to avoid it, but change happens. And while change can come as a huge relief if we’ve just moved past a bad…

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photo credit: @NationalDays on Twitter

Wordless Wednesday: Milestones and Messes

We've had a big milestone in our house this week. Thank you to the lovely pharmacist in my area who suggested we use THIS. The time has come, the big teeth are growing in, we have a lisp we are trying to cure, and we don't want those new teeth growing in buck. Thanks to this little number above, thumb sucking…

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Black Friday Week Continues With @Microsoft!

Black Friday Deals Week continues at! My beloved readers know that I became an ambassador for Microsoft Office a few years ago. It was thrilling, because I haven’t lived A DAY without Microsoft Office for the past 15 years. I have travelled to Microsoft headquarters, given away Microsoft products, held contests and more over the past few years. It has been a partnership I value…

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rosh hash someecards

Wordless Wednesday: Shana Tova

Happy Hump Day! Tomorrow I will be in synagogue with my family observing Rosh Hashanah- our Jewish New Year. To our readers observing the holiday-- I wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year. May this upcoming year bring you peace, contentment, and perhaps that jump off the fence. Staying true to bloggerland's Wordless Wednesday and the sharing of pictures…

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Wordless Wednesday: U2 for ME2!

So, I know you're probably wondering, what does THIS have to do with getting off the fence? And the truth is, it doesn't. But when you've never won anything in your life, I mean ANYTHING (other than a subscription to Teen Beat magazine, which at 11, was better than winning the lotto), it's cause for excitement! I was at Global…

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SPONSORED: Family Photo Fun with BLACKS!

If you love seeing your pictures come to life in an array of different, fun ways, may I show you something awesome? I recently discovered BLACKS, which, at first glance, I thought was just an online photo developing centre. It is not. It is so much more. Before I show you all the fun things I recently ordered at Blacks,…

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@Aeroplan Turns 30 and Celebrates with a HUGE GIVEAWAY!

Hi Girls! It has been a busy week on the blog after making a big announcement, so I figured I’d keep the momentum going. If you stay with me until the end, you’re going to be excited about an AWESOME giveaway today. Oh yes! It’s BIG. So, let’s get right to it… Friday is a great day to kick off…

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Wordless Wednesday: #HabsFallonBet

I have waited all week for this WORDLESS WEDNESDAY. Today we’re off the fence! Today we’re celebrating my love of four things: My Montreal Canadiens (AKA Habs), Jimmy Fallon, Twitter and a good bet. In case you don’t follow hockey, it was the Habs Vs. the New York Rangers in the NHL playoffs last week. And in case you don’t know much about Canada, WE LOVE OUR HOCKEY! Well, my…

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