Robin Williams and The Stigma of Depression

In light of yesterday's tragedy, I wanted to republish an older post on crushing the stigma of depression. I read online, "Maybe Robin Williams' legacy won't only be the humor he gave us. Maybe it will be that he brought depression to the forefront." It feels today as though a bright light has gone out. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="540"] Photo…

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22 Ways To Stress-Free Living and Uncluttering Your Mind

It's just about that time - the evenings are getting darker, earlier, the kids are prepping for back to school, summer feels like it's going by in the blink of an eye, and we're getting ready to put away our white skinnies. It's for this reason that I decided back in May, that this summer, I would come from a…

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The Power of Risk Taking and How To Get Off The Fence

It’s easy to stay in our comfort zones - to sit perched on our fences. The familiar far too often keeps us stuck right where we are and prevents us from experiencing personal growth, happiness and manifesting our dreams. But, venturing out into the unknown can seem terrifying and virtually impossible to achieve. But what if taking the risk, taking…

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Summer Camp Madness

Happy Monday, Chiquitas! Hoping everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable Father's Day yesterday. I have a cute (maybe not so cute) story to share. Our wonderful Bubby Sarah turns 95 next week and the whole family came in from Toronto to share in the festivities. You should know, Bubby is in better shape than me, and as sharp as a…

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Look UP

Take five minutes to watch this. You will not regret it. I saw this video ironically while having breakfast with my husband in Paris two weeks ago, and if I am to be honest, it stopped me dead in my tracks. It was a cold, harsh reality check that made me recognize some bad habits I have formed over the…

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8 Habits of Highly Successful Working Mothers

By Guest Blogger Liz O'Donnell The life of a working mother can be one of the most rewarding lifestyles a woman can choose. Modern women are lucky to have the opportunity to pursue both personal and professional fulfillment. But managing career and family can be incredibly challenging. Many women feel like there’s no end to their to-do lists and no…

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Wordless Wednesday: Midnight In Paris

Bonjour de Paris! I'm here celebrating my husband's 40th birthday. Leaving the kids on Sunday was quite stressful with a lot of tears (we have never left them for more than four days). The first day away was very difficult. The second day, a little easier. Now it's like... WHAT KIDS?! ;) We've settled into a well-needed vacation together and…

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New Research: The Secrets To Living Longer

So I've been thinking a lot about my health lately as I approach 40 and notice huge changes in my body. I was the girl you didn't like-- the girl who ate whatever she wanted and nothing would stick. Well, those days are now over and I have officially landed on planet earth to join the rest of the world.…

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Is Facebook Diminishing Your Self-Esteem… and Then Some?

By Guest Blogger Dr. Sheri Jacobson These days it's rare to meet someone who doesn't use Facebook. In ten years flat (Facebook was only born in 2004) it has become a normal part of most people's lives. 665 million daily, to be exact, which translates into more than one in every thirteen people on our planet. Given that our brains are…

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The ‘Mommy Juice’ Trend: Drinking To Relieve Stress

Last week, Maria Shriver had a very interesting segment on TODAY. It was called, The 'Mommy Juice' Trend: How Do You Know When You Have a Problem? "On some play dates these days, the clinking of wine glasses accompanies the laughter of children as parents relax with a drink while their kids frolic. For many moms, alcohol is a harmless…

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