Announcing Partnership With Holiday Inn Express

Calling all sports families!

Are you that family? Do your kids play sports? Better yet, are you the team manager?

I am super excited to announce a new partnership today. I think you will agree it is the perfect collaboration for this hockey mom of two boys. I’ve teamed up with Holiday Inn Express brand that has 96 sports-friendly hotels across Canada!


The Future of Business is Female

Workforce analysts predict that by 2018, more than half of American small businesses will be run by women.

Just let that soak in for a moment…

Every March, Women’s History Month celebrates the storied accomplishments of women in American history. Successful women have played a vital role in shaping the course of life in America and around the world, and that role is only growing with time.

And the numbers speak for themselves.


CONTEST ALERT: Moments Worth A Million Miles with Aeroplan

Who doesn’t love a great contest?!

So when I can share a great one with you, WomenOnTheFencers, I love it!

With back to school upon us and Canadian Thanksgiving next month in October, this time of year is all about managing the busyness of our lives. I wanted to draw your attention today to something cool that Aeroplan is doing that is reaaaallly exciting! For those that might not remember, I have proudly been Aeroplan’s Brand Ambassador for a few years now.


Thinking of Transitioning Careers? TAKE THESE 5 STEPS

When most people think “job search,” the steps that come to mind include résumés, applications and interviews.

That can feel scary.

Especially if you’ve been working at your current company for many years, the thought of interviews and getting “out there again,” could feel overwhelming, no doubt.

But truth is, before you’re even at that step of résumés and interviews, when you are looking to transition careers, your successful search starts far earlier than that.


Why Going Back To School Is A Real Option For You

“I don’t want to let anyone down, and I want to make sure that I can be that backbone for the family if they need me. When I went to school at a traditional four-year university, I had stadium seating classes, a lot of students. You didn’t have that personal rapport with the professors. Here I spend hours upon hours with my instructors, just one-on-one time, and that’s totally priceless to me. I love this school.

I was working a sales job downtown that I absolutely hated, and I realized that I needed to start a career. So I got online and did some research and my roommate was like, ‘Hey, you’d make a great paralegal. You watch criminal justice shows all day long.’ So I looked into it, and I found out that Brightwood College did have a good program.


Dream Chasing and Success Stories

If you recall a couple of months ago, I shared that I partnered to Virginia College as a reminder to women everywhere that it is never too late to pursue your dream career.

So many of us, based on life circumstances, have slid our dreams under the rug because LIFE simply happens. We know our big dreams that come about during night, but maybe we have suppressed those dreams instead of exploring them.

I will repeat myself: it’s never too late to become who you want to be.

If you’re not familiar with Virginia College, some quick background if you missed the last post… VC has actually been around for 25 years, and offers associate’s degrees, diplomas, certificates at their various campuses and online.


Instavit®: The Liquid Spray Vitamin For People On The Go


A few questions for you…
Do you take a multivitamin?
Do your kids take a multivitamin?
Do you ever have a hard time sleeping?
Do you ever take a Vitamin B12 for mood elevation?
Do you live in a climate like me where we lack many months of sunshine and require some extra vitamin D?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I would love to show you something I’ve been using for some time now and am really enjoying.

It’s called Instavit, and it’s simply a vitamin in liquid spray format. No fillers inside like there often are inside a hard vitamin pill. Just 100% of the vitamin!


And here’s the story of how Instavit came to be…

After a nearly fatal health crisis, Dr. Jatin Joshi required a number of pill supplements as part of the management of his Crohn’s disease. But between the inconvenience of taking several supplements throughout the day and his skepticism surrounding the added fillers and binders including in their formulas, he knew there had to be a better way.


Spring Flowers

As the Brand Ambassador for LE CHÂTEAU, I wanted to show you two THEMES or TRENDS today that are keeping women feeling fresh!

They are….

get ready…



@Aeroplan Announcement!

Spring has sprung! I couldn’t be happier.

When spring arrives, it signals that summer is around the corner. For many, summer is a wonderful time to travel and explore a new city, try a new adventure. Anyone have wanderlust? I’m guilty.


#WorkWearWednesday Suiting Up For Spring

It’s official: Spring is here!

And being the Brand Ambassador for LE CHÂTEAU, I wanted to show you on this #WorkWearWednesday, some amazing spring workwear looks!