Scheduling “Date Nights”

People always say that you never really know what goes on behind closed doors, which always makes you wonder– what goes on behind closed doors in the average marriage? It makes you question whether things in your own relationship are “normal.” I think one of the biggest questions is, “how often do most married couples have sex?”

At first I questioned whether or not I should just dive right into this topic, but then I thought a few things: (1) a healthy marriage is so fundamental to the happiness of the rest of my life (and the whole family), (2) most of us find that time with our spouse slips on the priority list and often takes a backseat to more practical, everyday life tasks, and (3) my husband wanted to write an entire book entitled “Monday, Wednesday & Saturday” (or it could be “Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday – depending upon that season’s TV line-up) because he thinks our scheduled “date nights” are so great.


Why We Love Bad Boys

As I was driving home this afternoon, I spotted a dog running frantically through my neighborhood. I stopped the car and spent fifteen minutes trying to lure this creature, who couldn’t decide if he’d rather play with me or bite me, into the backseat. After several minutes of painful squatting and embarrassing baby talk, he finally ran the other way and hopped into another good samaritan’s car. It was a waste of my time but I had to stop. After all, he did need my help, right? I mean, he was a dog and it’s not his fault that he was scared and indecisive so of course, I would do it again. Unfortunately for myself and a whole lot of other women, the outlook on wasting our time to help those who may not want it, extends to grown men as well.


How To Deal With Difficult In-Laws

Happy Wednesday, ladies!

I started Hump Day off with my weekly parenting segment on Global TV. Today we chatted Monster Mother In-Laws. If you are currently dealing with Jane Fonda as your Monster-In-Law, I shared some tips and strategies.

All jokes aside, if you struggle with difficult in laws, please tune into today’s segment for tips on how to establish peace in the home.


How To Add Spice and Romance To Your Relationship Using Feng Shui

By Guest Blogger Kathryn Weber

When it comes to slipping between the sheets, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is feng shui in your bedroom. Yet it’s the feng shui of your bedroom that could just make the difference between a so-so romantic experience and an overarching deity of oohs and aaahs.


Bedroom parity can solve the bedroom rarity of solid and satisfying sex for both partners. Yes it can. How can that be? Well, think about your bedroom as a symbol of your relationship. Is it broken down in the middle like the mattress and filled with laptops and tablets, similar to the way your work intrudes in on your love life?


Does Serendipity Exist or is it Tenacity in Disguise?

For years, I have been clinging to the sage words of one of my writing teachers, repeating them both aloud and internally, like a sacred mantra. Writing, he told me, is 10 percent talent, and 90 percent tenacity. That is likely true of most things in life. Whether searching for a literary agent, a publisher, a dream job, a relationship, persistence is clearly the way to success.

Somewhere in that equation though, I wonder if a certain percentage should be assigned to serendipity, that fortunate happenstance that surprises and delights. Serendipity, it would seem, was working for me recently when a new business acquaintance of mine was headed to New York City from his home in Vermont.


12-Month Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

A big congratulation if you’re the owner of a brand spanking’ sparkly new engagement ring!

Wedding planning is very exciting but there are times when it can be incredibly stressful as well which is why a handy wedding checklist will be the thing you turn to again and again.

In today’s post, I give you a step-by-step wedding checklist to help you keep on top of everything. It’s based on a 12 month period, but it will give you a really good idea of what to do and when.

It’s time to GET OFF THE FENCE and plan your wedding!