The Liz Lange Interview: Her Maternity Empire, Motherhood, and More

Liz, I'm thrilled to have you, a savvy entrepreneur and mom grace our blog. I don’t think Liz Lange Maternity needs much introduction-- most of our mom readers know this well-known, fantastic brand. I loved my Liz Lange Maternity clothes when I was pregnant- comfort, style, affordability. Please tell us the story of how Liz Lange Maternity was born. I…

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Erica Diamond Interviews Craig Newmark. Yah, THAT Craig- Founder of craigslist

If you follow this blog, you know that I go after what I want. With RELENTLESS DETERMINATION. There is an interview I've wanted for some time. It was Craig. THE Craig, founder of craigslist (who nicely corrected my spelling of CraigsList, explaining it should be written in all lower-case). The way he spells craigslist and his newest initiative, craigconnects, is just…

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ramona 1

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Erica Diamond Chats With Real Housewives Star & Entrepreneur Ramona Singer

It might seem as though I'm working my way through the Real Housewives circuit, but in essence, my interviews are always to teach and inspire, you my audience. To my readers, including the budding female entrepreneurs out there, enjoy my interview with entrepreneur and TV star Ramona Singer. This woman is right up my alley. We chatted on the phone and…

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INTERVIEW: Erica Diamond Goes One-On-One with Actress Holly Robinson Peete

I recently had the privilege and honor of connecting with a great activist and actress, Holly Robinson Peete. Perhaps you remember her from 21 Jump Street with Johnny Depp. Perhaps you loved her on Hangin' With Mr. Cooper, or watched her on The Apprentice raise the most money in the history of the show for her charity. Perhaps you loved…

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sophie trudeau

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Erica Diamond Sits Down With Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

I recently reconnected with a childhood friend, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, who is as dynamic, passionate and capable as they come. If you are Canadian, you undoubtedly know who she is. Today, we are getting up close and personal with Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. Enjoy...   Not many people know this, but we grew up together in Montreal, two prima ballerinas dancing…

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INTERVIEW: Erica Diamond Goes One-On-One With Real Housewife Jill Zarin

Jill Zarin- Real Housewives of New York. I wanted the interview. I landed the interview. And I think you will concur after reading, why she was a perfect fit for Jill is everything I stand for in life... chasing your dreams, making shit happen, working your butt off, being bold and ballsy, oh yeah, and she's smart too. So…

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mommywood to hollywood

INTERVIEW: Michelle Rivera with Erica Diamond, Editor-In-Chief of ‘Women On The Fence’

It's usually me doing the interviewing. But a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Emmy Award-Winning TV Host, Michelle Rivera. I have since seen the social media feedback as very positive, which led me to believe that perhaps my readers would want to read it. I decided to post it on the blog, especially for…

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shira lazar

Interview: Erica Diamond Goes One-On-One with Shira Lazar

Last week, my mother schlepped me to a taping of The Today Show (she is a LONG TIME fan), which taped here in Montreal, Canada. I watched with pride as they showcased all the incredible talent and highlights that have come out of my unique city... Cirque de Soleil, Celine Dion, POUTINE! Well, this gal is no different. Shira Lazar,…

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richard branson

Richard Branson and a Grand Prix Weekend

When you hear the name Richard Branson, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Money? Power? Success? Philanthropy? Well, yes, all these may be true, but I had the great fortune of sitting down to chat with Sir Richard Branson this weekend, and getting to see a softer side.  It was amazing to meet a great visionary who I…

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mariel hemingway 2

Exclusive Interview With Mariel Hemingway

Mariel Hemingway and I have been in touch for a little over a year. I admire what she stands for, and how she has turned tragedy into triumph. Mariel is one classy lady, as you will see. Enjoy getting to know her in this candid interview. xoxEDxox ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mariel, what was it like growing up in The Hemingway family, those…

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