The Liz Lange Interview: Her Maternity Empire, Motherhood, and More

Liz, I’m thrilled to have you, a savvy entrepreneur and mom grace our blog. I don’t think Liz Lange Maternity needs much introduction– most of our mom readers know this well-known, fantastic brand. I loved my Liz Lange Maternity clothes when I was pregnant- comfort, style, affordability. Please tell us the story of how Liz Lange Maternity was born.


Erica Diamond Interviews Craig Newmark. Yah, THAT Craig- Founder of craigslist

If you follow this blog, you know that I go after what I want. With RELENTLESS DETEMINATION. There is an interview I have wanted for some time. Yes, Craig. THE Craig, founder of craigslist (who nicely corrected my spelling of CraigsList, explaining it should be written in all lower-case). The way he spells craigslist and his newest initiative,, is just so very Craig- understated, modest, simple. When I interviewed him, and I kept challenging him for more MEAT, more stories, more guts, for all my women who love details. But I learned something from Craig. Sometimes, less is more. He’s concise, and precise. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t all heart. Cuz he is. When I blamed my demand for more ‘meat’ on the battle of the sexes… that women are ‘oversharers’ and men are ‘undersharers,’ he told me, “that’s all I got.” So, in the words of my uncle who always tells his daughters to “land the plane” when they go off on a tangent, enjoy this simple, but powerful interview from a remarkable entrepreneur and do-gooder in this universe, Craig Newmark.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Erica Diamond Chats With Real Housewives Star & Entrepreneur Ramona Singer

Ramona, can you tell us a little bit about your business and how you got started, notably your skincare line TruRenewal, your jewelry line Ramona Singer Jewelry for HSN, True Faith Jewelry, and Ramona Pinot Grigio? This is a place where many entrepreneurs come to get inspired and educated. I read that your father gave you a $70,000 loan when you were 29 years old to start your own business, and you paid it back, with interest, in one month.

INTERVIEW: Erica Diamond Goes One-On-One with Actress Holly Robinson Peete

I recently had the privilege and honor of connecting with a great activist and actress, Holly Robinson Peete. Perhaps you remember her from 21 Jump Street with Johnny Depp. Perhaps you loved her on Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, or watched her on The Apprentice raise the most money in the history of the show for her charity. Perhaps you loved her on CBS’s The Talk.

One thing I know about this chick… she is a straight shooter, honest, lovable and kind. Enjoy getting to know Holly in my interview…

INTERVIEW: Erica Diamond Goes One-On-One With Real Housewife Jill Zarin

Jill Zarin- Real Housewives of New York. I wanted the interview. I landed the interview. And I think you will agree after reading, why she was a perfect fit for Jill is everything I stand for in life… chasing your dreams, making shit happen, working your butt off, being bold and ballsy, oh yeah, and she’s smart too.

So I’m not going to wax on. Instead, I present you, Jill Zarin.


INTERVIEW: Michelle Rivera with Erica Diamond, Editor-In-Chief of ‘Women On The Fence’

It’s usually me doing the interviewing. But a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Emmy Award-Winning TV Host, Michelle Rivera. I have since seen the social media feedback as positive, which led me to believe that perhaps my readers would want to read the interview. I decided to post it on the blog, especially for the new and upcoming bloggers looking for tips.

Interview: Erica Diamond Goes One-On-One with Shira Lazar

Well, this gal is no different. Shira Lazar, Executive Producer and Host of What’s Trending on is another great success story out of Montreal, and I was thrilled to interview her about her growth, her advice for budding entrepreneurs and medialites, on social media, and more.

Exclusive Interview With Mariel Hemingway

Growing up a Hemingway for me, well, was no different than you being a Diamond or someone else being a Smith. I never knew anything different. I knew my grandfather was important and I felt a deep connection to his views of the world. I loved how he wrote about nature, and I feel that this is my biggest energetic connection to him. He had an understanding of the outdoors, food and relationships in a way that I admire, and always have.