Yoga, Life Coaching and My Debut on The Today Show

Sit back, relax and grab a cup green tea… it’s Transformation Tuesday!

I am still feeling very fortunate that both my worlds of life coaching and yoga collided this past Friday on The Today Show with Megan Kelly. My mandate? To teach Megan, her audience, and America, yoga poses specifically for stress management and a more zen you. Taught from the place of a modern yoga teacher AND life coach showing you different poses you can flow through and breathe through to a calmer you… I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Megan and her team were delightful, and our audience was totally game when I challenged them to TREE POSE!


September is National Yoga Awareness Month

Happy September, also knows as National Yoga Awareness Month!

When I look at how I manage the everyday juggle and grind, there is one thing that keeps me most grounded through it all. There is one thing, that no matter how stressed I am, or how frazzled I may be, that literally transforms my entire aura.

That’s yoga.


Rewire Your Brain to Generate Joy

Where is our joy located? It’s an odd question. Perhaps you think joy is in your heart, or maybe you experience joy as a state of mind.

It turns out, according to scientists, joy originates in the limbic system of the brain—the part of the brain that controls emotion, behavior, and long-term memory. Unlike happiness, which is a cognitive experience based in the brain’s neocortex, joy is an emotion we feel without conscious thought. We feel joy without thinking about it, and we can train our brains to feel it often.


Just like any repetitive action, our emotional state becomes a habit. For most of my life, my emotional habit was some version of fear. From the time I was a small child, I was a perpetual worrier. I have a vivid memory of being 4 years old in a restaurant with my mom and her then-boyfriend, who happened to be a professional clown. The clown was entertain-ing, the meal was my favorite, but I couldn’t stop worrying about everything.


4 Ways To Help Fight Stress and Anxiety

I was so happy to marry my weekly parenting segment on Global TV this morning with my love of yoga as a new yoga teacher.

One of the reasons I decided to get certified was because I’ve worked with women’s MINDS for 17 years, first as a business mentor, then as a certified life coach, and I wanted to pair it with working with their BODIES too. You know, the whole mind body soul connection, yada yada, YES!! 😉

I’m most interested in yoga for stress and anxiety, so with August upon us, it can symbolize mom stress for back to school. Getting the kids organized can feel overwhelming and it also gets very costly financially, etc. So this morning on Global, I shared four yoga poses that are proven to reduce anxiety and stress. They are for a zen mommy, but really, they are for everyone. I hope you try them. Speak to your doctor first. They help me. And Laura Casella, you are a natural as we can all see.


Finding the Golden Goose in Abuse

By Philippa Sklaar

You know how you thought that when you met the man of your dreams he would change?

And he did.

For the worst.

But you still held onto him because you believed that having anybody was better than having nobody. It was the power of your love that would realize his potential – if only he would just listen!

I, like you, a victim of abuse, believed that all I was worth was a man who beat me, punched me and cheated on me. I shrunk each time I heard, “First time a victim, second time a volunteer,” “If you go back you deserve what you get” and “Why don’t you just leave?”


A “Fresh” Summer Approach To Organizing Your Fridge

I’m a sport dietitian and cycling Olympian with the Canadian Sport Centre in Calgary, where I consult several national teams. I was also the Performance Dietitian for the Canadian Olympic Committee and Team Canada at the London Summer Olympic Games. I was their main support during the games when it came to food selection and dietary needs.


How I Rid Myself of Morning Anxiety – The 30 Day Anxiety-Free Morning Challenge

My alarm goes off. My body instantly springs into alert mode twisting, limbs flailing, eyes dry looking, scrambling, searching trying to find the button to make the madness stop! Like the average millennial, my cell phone has become a handy alternative to that old thing, what was it called? An alarm clock? Now that I have my phone in hand, why not check to see what I’ve been missing for the past 8 hours? I check my email to find that I didn’t get accepted to the freelance job board I’ve been waiting for.

Brain: “You’re a loser”


10 Superfoods of 2017

Hello! Reporting live from C2! An incredible conference in my hometown of Montreal. I am about to hear Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple speak. I’m excited.

Seeing that summer is around the corner, and knowing that my goal as a certified life coach (and now yoga teacher in training) is to always get you as close to your personal best as possible, today I wanted to share 10 Superfoods of 2017 that you should be incorporating into your diet. Many of these superfoods have helped keep me in good health. Today, we’re getting off the fence, off the junk, and caring for ourselves. Consider this your whack over the head with the frying pan (pardon the irony). It’s May. May is about rebirth, rejuvenation, and regrowth. So, if you’ve been a bad girl, give yourself permission to own that… and then let it go. I’m doing that too.


Happy #NationalWomensHealthWeek!

Happy National Women’s Health Week, ladies!

How perfect to follow up Mother’s Day with a reminder to care for our mind, bodies and soul.

So I ask you today. When you think about meditation, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Bogus? Boring? Ineffective? I’d never do it?

Well, let me ask you another few questions: Are you overwhelmed? Are you stressed? Are you short-tempered? Has the joy been sucked out of your life? Does life seem a lot like groundhog day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should meditate. Yup, you should.


I Sing Again

Disclaimer: Today’s post contains disturbing content. As an inspirational modern women’s lifestyle blog, our mandate is…