Meatless Monday is a social media ritual we have never partaken in. Why? WomenOnTheFence® is not a cooking blog, and if you follow me in social media, you probably know about my two left feet in the kitchen. Buttttttt, when I tweeted out a picture of dinner last week, you went all, "SHARE THE RECIPE" on me. Let me start by…

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Dear Eating Disorder

Please note Dear ED is not Dear Erica Diamond. It is a letter written by Marci Warharf-Nadler to her eating disorder. In writing this letter seven years ago, Marci was finally closing a chapter in her life-- letting go of a destructive past. Marci was kind enough to share this candid letter with us, in hopes of shedding light on…

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5 Healthy, Tasty and Quick Recipes for Busy Moms

On this week's Global TV parenting segment, we discussed one of my favorite topics - food! Food, glorious food! Actually, not so glorious when your kids complain that they don't like what you're serving, and then they ask for the trusty grilled cheese. Yes, many of you have stated that you make ONE family meal, and if the kids don't…

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Wordless Wednesday: I Betcha Didn’t Know…

So, things were getting a little heavy around here, so today we're off the fence with some practical advice. Who knew? This comes c/o Mom via her bestie. I BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW... You can flip a toaster on its side and grill cheese in it.   Reynolds Wrap has lock in taps to hold the roll in place.   The…

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How To Jump Start a Healthy Relationship with Food and Your Body

By Guest Bloggers McKenzie Hall & Lisa Dixon   When it comes to our jobs, we sometimes feel like we’re on a never ending shift. We’re Registered Dietitians, so that means we share our knowledge about food and the effects it has on the body. Since everyone has to eat, and more recently, food is at the forefront of everyone’s radars,…

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Jewish Girls Can’t Pole Dance

If White Men Can't Jump, then Jewish Girls Can't Pole Dance. I was invited to try a pole dancing class at a new Pole Dance Studio from Milan that just opened in Montreal. Lately, I've been trying to say "yes" more, and "no" less. My new mantra is YOLO- first seen on Katie Couric's Twitter feed-- You Only Live Once. Yes, wise…

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10 Tips to Help Moms With Picky Eaters

 By Guest Blogger Lisa Holcomb Got picky kids when it comes to food, at least nutritious food?  Do your kids try to crawl under the table when they see broccoli on the table?  Do they try to slip the dog their squash only to find the dog won't eat it either?  You're not alone!  It seems to be a fairly common…

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Me at 8 years old

The Top 12 Superfoods of 2012

The plane has landed. I guess I deserve it. I did, after all, write a blog post called 'Born Skinny.' My metabolism, the metabolism that has been overly kind to me for 37 years, has officially retired. I think due to overwork. I have joined the rest of humanity- ass fallen, boobs headed south, beautiful cellulite, and finally the inability…

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How To Fit Exercise Into Your “Too Busy” Schedule: NO EXCUSES!

By Guest Blogger Samantha Peters It’s hard to understate the importance of exercise. By getting physical activity we can strengthen our immune response and our cardiovascular system, buffering our bodies against heart disease and other ailments. We can lose weight and feel younger. We can reduce stress and battle depression. No matter what we specifically choose to do – whether it’s…

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red meat linked to early death

Wordless Wednesday: Is Red Meat Really Killing Us?

Unless you have been living under a rock, there is no doubt you have heard about this week's published findings from a long-term study on red meat. Apparently red meat is going to kill us. Yup, I'm serious. The findings are quite frightening. The headlines: "Red Meat Consumption Linked to Early Death" See for yourself: "A new study indicates that…

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