What I Learned From Reading 1,000 Resumes

Chances are if you’re working right now, it’s safe to say you had to more than likely send out a resume in order to get hired. Even if you didn’t, there could come that time in the future where you may have to. Regardless of if you’re planning on applying for a new job, it’s always great to have some resume tips in the back of your head for future reference.

To let you know a bit about myself, I worked in human resources for a pretty large company for close to 10 years. Thankfully, I was able to escape the rat race and start a side project while enjoying my family. While the corporate atmosphere wasn’t too bad, I wanted to share with everyone what you can do to make your resume stand out above the rest because you’d be amazed at how much garbage (I’m saying that nicely) we’d get. In fact, it wouldn’t be uncommon to get 500 resumes within 48 hours for ONE job position. Out of those, however, we would maybe like 20.


Getting Off The Fence and Biz Tips With GossClub

I was honored to share some biz tips, work life balance insight, and about getting off the fence. Thank you Rebecca for this fun interview on your site, which as you would imagine, readers, stands for Girl Boss.

Here it is….


What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

I am reaaaally excited to announce a new partnership today. This is everything I stand for as a career woman, mother, daughter and friend.

You know what that is…

Goal getting.

Passion chasing.

Finally, getting off the fence and making that forgotten dream a reality.

When ECA® (Education Corporation of America®) approached me and asked me if my female readers know that many schools exist across America and online whereby they can persevere and pursue higher education while working, while mothering, my answer was, I am not sure all of them do!


April 7, 2017: A Women’s Wellness and Growth Conference in Montreal!

Women’s Wellness & Growth Conference
Friday April 7th, 2017


Montreal, Quebec


I couldn’t be more excited to make this announcement today, WomenOnTheFencers!

On April 7th, 2017, get ready to feel inspired, empowered, and armed with the tools to rock your life.

Combining our passion and dedication to empowering women, Lisa Brookman and Liz Wiener ( and me, Erica Diamond (, have joined forces and are excited to announce the launch of Off The Fence and WISE – Montreal’s first Women’s Wellness and Growth Conference aimed at helping women renew, regenerate and evolve to become their best selves.

This full-day conference is comprised of an impressive roster of some of Canada’s best known and most inspiring women speakers. Whether you’re an individual looking for personal growth or a company looking to empower your employees, the day is an excellent opportunity to learn invaluable lessons from our expert panel which is sure to foster growth and creativity.


Why You Should Make Friends With Failure

Silicon Valley believes that if you aren’t failing frequently, you aren’t risking enough. This philosophy serves the high-tech capital well, but chances are you likely don’t follow that same approach in your own life.

But you should. Because failure is your friend.

Henry Ford — one of our great inventors and someone who failed more often than he succeeded — said “failure is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” And yet, more often than not, we fear failure and avoid it at all costs, even if it means sacrificing opportunity and potential happiness. We let fear paralyze us until we’re stuck in inertia, when we should be embracing “good” risk and failing up.


Celebrating 4 Years With Global TV!

It was four years ago, that I sat nervously in the green room of Global Television. I was starting my new weekly job as the Parenting and Lifestyle Correspondent on The Morning News.


MOMPRENEUR: 8 Mom-Based Home Business Ideas

So it’s 2017. Maybe your kids are all in school now, and maybe you’ve decided that this is the year you’re going to get creative – in every sense of the word. Maybe you’ve decided that you’re going to get off the fence and contribute to society and your household income. Maybe you need to work for financial reasons, maybe you don’t. But one thing is for certain… Mompreneurship can be big business.


Slowing The F Down

Hello, hello!

Happy New Year M’Ladies. How was your holiday season? I rested and regrouped with my family, and I’m ready for 2017. I know that after hearing from so many of you, the general consensus is that the world seems happy to just put 2016 behind us.


I Love This So Hard

Madonna, a global icon who extended her record as the highest-grossing female touring artist of all time in 2016 — was honored as Woman of the Year at Billboard’s Women In Music 2016 event on Friday (Dec. 9). And during her acceptance speech, she was fully ferocious, funny and brutally honest — in other words, she was the Madonna we’ve known and adored since she debuted more than 30 years ago.” – Billboard

Canada’s Most Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs

By VITA Daily

In honour of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, today, Wednesday, November 16, we’ve rounded up eight of Canada’s most inspiring entrepreneurs, from coast to coast. —_VITA Daily_