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Does Serendipity Exist or is it Tenacity in Disguise?

By Dana Kobernick For years, I have been clinging to the sage words of one of my writing teachers, repeating them both aloud and internally, like a sacred mantra. Writing, he told me, is 10 percent talent, and 90 percent tenacity. That is likely true of most things in life. Whether searching for a literary agent, a publisher, a dream…

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Happy Birthday @Oprah! 25 Lessons Learned

Today is Oprah's birthday. For those of you who are big readers of this blog, you know that Oprah is my hero, my queen, my inspiration. I've met her, I've attended her LifeClass taping, the Weekend with Oprah, I've filmed 5 episodes of The OWN SHOW on OWN TV,  etc... Heck, she even tweeted me. ;) So, to honor O's birthday, I have rerun an old…

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Celebrating 3 Years With Global TV Today!

It was three years ago today, that I sat nervously in the green room of Global Television. I was starting my new weekly job as the Parenting and Lifestyle Correspondent on The Morning News. The new show kicked off, and my first segment How To Become a Mompreneur in 2013 aired live January 28th, 2013, at 8:45am. I was nervous, somewhat green, and didn't know…

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Blogging Break

Do you hear that sound? It's the sound of the home stretch. The approach of the end of another year. Christmas, Nat King Cole and reindeers, BOXING DAY! It’s also the time where I close up the blogging shop for 2 weeks to spend time with my family. As you know, it's my gift I give myself every July and December. I rest the…

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Will You Earn What You’re Worth In 2016?

By Thea Kelley  No, this post isn't about how the economy will perform next year. It's about asking for what you're worth, in your existing job or in a new one. As women, we tend to be afraid to negotiate. A meaningless fear? Not entirely. Harvard University researcher Hannah Bowles has shown that women who ask for more money are more…

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Talking Money With Your Grown Kids: Reviewing Your Student’s Finances Over The Holidays

By Guest Blogger Mandy Mail  When their exams are over and the holidays begin, students will have a lot of celebrating to do. There is no question that post-secondary education is an expensive investment. Whether living at home or on their own, students may be surprised by how quickly their expenses can add up, and many may have already blown their…

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The Top Female Entrepreneurs in Business Today

Entrepreneurship was traditionally seen as a man’s game, but today that is changing. As I get ready to launch HADRY in 48 hours and become a startup entrepreneur again, I thought I would bring you another info-graphic this week. Discover these women who are shattering the glass ceiling by becoming their own bosses, advancing science and technology, and changing the face of business…

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The Woman’s Toolbox – The Power of “What If?”

By Guest Blogger Amy Rodgers I am a big believer that every woman needs their own toolbox. I’m not talking about the metal kind that most men have in their garage. I’m talking about a skill tool box that we keep at our side to help us do our jobs and tackle challenges that we face in our careers and…

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#ThrowbackThursday: The Timeline Project

#ThrowbackThursday to #Blogher14. I just stumbled upon my the #TimelineProject photo I took last year. The Timeline Project was all about declaring your dreams and goals to the world (or just yourself), physically writing them down, and then keeping the photo visible to constantly stay motivated. But sometimes we experience setbacks or slowdowns. I'm 40 1/2 (not 39 3/4), and still haven't…

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Learn How To Conquer Work-Life Balance With @Mashable and Erica Diamond #BizChats

North Americans are overworked, overwhelmed and overstressed. The 9 to 5 lifestyle is slowly fading into oblivion. With the blurred lines of office hours at work, options like telecommuting and flexible work hours, doesn't necessarily equate to shorter work days. Most American's work days stretch from about 9 a.m. until whenever they get their work completed (which is well after 5 p.m.).…

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