Accepting Change: Letting Yourself Fall Into The Flow of Your Life

By Guest Blogger Jeff Keni Pulver While my current situation is not life threatening, it has been life altering. The following are my musings of dealing with a life-changing event. Imagine being in the top physical shape of your life. Years of training, rebooting your body. You changed your food habits, you had adopted exercise habits. You found yourself enjoying…

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Wordless Wednesday: Sexiest Man Alive

[caption id="attachment_24688" align="alignnone" width="270"] photo credit: People Magazine[/caption] It was announced today. Your Sexiest Man Alive 2014 is... drumroll... Chris Hemsworth. Ladies, ladies, what say you? I'm not on the fence... this guy doesn't do it for me. Maybe I'm still living in the past, but this was the Sexiest Man Alive EVER for moi. [caption id="attachment_24691" align="alignnone" width="300"] photo…

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About Last Week

Hello ladies! Long time no connect. Sorry I have been off the radar for the past week. I left for Los Angeles last Monday as you know, returned home Thursday night and then left again Friday morning with the fam for Toronto to celebrate my cousin's bat mitzvah. It's gooood to be home! They say good things come in threes and last…

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Bucket List Crossing

I'm sitting at the airport about to cross a few things off my bucket list this week. I'm feeling so excited, so nervous, and well, always, always butterflies when traveling far away and alone. I kissed my boys goodbye last night and I'm off to LA now to fulfill a dream - to share my wisdom on OWN TV. I shoot my five…

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Erica Diamond on @genConnect and The Importance of Dreaming Big

I am so honored to appear on the homepage of genConnect today. GenConnect, an online destination that connects us to trailblazers and change makers around the globe, is doing some incredible work in the digital inspiration space. While in Silicon Valley earlier this year, I filmed a few segments for genConnect on inspiring girls, my dream for the future of our girls, and…

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NEW PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT: Dress For Success, Le Chateau and Erica Diamond

I am SO thrilled and honored to make an exciting announcement today. I have been keeping this under wraps, and still, the press release won't be going out for a few more weeks, but I can announce this: LE CHÂTEAU is launching a new partnership with Dress for Success to help economically disadvantaged women experience a transformation in their self-esteem and…

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A Woman With A Vision

I recently sat down with WestGroupe do to an interview on life, inspiration, making a difference, and Women On The Fence. I wanted to share that interview with you today. If you haven't heard of WestGroupe, they are a cutting-edge eyeglass company, so if you are a glasses wearer like me, you might love some of their incredible styles. I give you, our interview... --…

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Motivation Monday: SPANX & My Confession

Happy Monday! Today, I wanted to publish a Motivation Monday, because that's just what I was after watching MAKERS' latest video on Sara Blakely. Firstly, if you're not familiar with Makers.com, may I suggest you head over there right after you finish reading (and watching) this post. They are doing some incredible work in the women's space. [caption id="attachment_24246" align="alignnone" width="315"] photo credit:…

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Striving for Balance

By Guest Blogger Alison Kramer We should probably begin by defining success. To me, it meant spending my days doing something I loved. Having the flexibility to be present for school concerts, sick days and summers. Travel. And rarely, if ever, being told what to do. If you look at that list carefully, you will note I am basically unemployable –…

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Freaky Friday

So, this is the deal, ladies. Our website got overtaken by hackers in Pakistan this past weekend. We then decided Monday morning to prematurely launch our new site redesign (it was the same amount of work to bring back the old site, or get the new one up and running). But maybe that was a mistake. We've been working on our blog redesign…

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