The Art of Having It All

Happy Friday! Kids are off school next week for winter break so I'm getting ready to wind things down for a few days. In the fall, I was interviewed by my close friend and New York Times bestselling author Christy Whitman on the Art of Having It All. This topic is very near and dear to Christy's heart since her book The Art of Having It…

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I Don’t Want To Be “62 and Sizzling” Like Jane Seymour

By Guest Blogger Gloria Fallon I really don’t. When I’m 62 I want to be able to eat and do whatever the hell I want. And if that means I’m “pleasingly plump,” then good for me. When I’m 62, I don’t want to be doing stomach crunches, applying fake tanner and scrutinizing my ass and thighs before I go to the…

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Career Wisdom From Your Favorite Celebs

By Guest Blogger Sarah Landrum When it comes to celebrities, we love to observe what they’re doing. From stalking their grocery shopping pics to obsessing over what they wearing and who they’re dating, we feed into it all. Who better than our favorite stars to motivate us with career advice? After all, they did make it to the tippy top, and…

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Wordless Wednesday: Filters and Facades

I saw these on Instagram this week, and at first, they made me chuckle because they are in fact funny. But then at second glance, they made me think of something more profound. Something deeper. Something more serious, and more real going on. I also saw an ad that popped up for me yesterday on Facebook. An ad for a…

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Do You Ever Feel Like People Are Judging You?

By Guest Blogger Kelsey Ramsden Do you ever feel like people are judging you? If your answer was not yes, than clearly you are not paying attention. People ARE judging you.  All of the time. I mention judgment not to make you feel ever-more under a microscope …but to ask a question I am curious about. Do you like or dislike being judged?…

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On The Fence About Cosmetic Surgery?

Girls, I would like to preface this post by saying that I am not for or against plastic surgery - I am for a woman's right to choose what works for her. We have never discussed cosmetic surgery so I thought it was time - and we chose a renowned New York City doctor to do so. I am opting to…

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WomenOnTheFence.com Black Friday WEEK Starts Today with Le Chateau Fashion!

Hello and Happy Monday! We are trying something new this year. We will be kicking off a WomenOnTheFence.com Black Friday WEEK with deals for you starting TODAY! There’s no better place to stock up on the greatest office party, holiday season and New Year's party attire AND gifts than the store on every main street and in every mall across Canada, and online…

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The Confidence Bible

By Guest Blogger Jane Durst Pulkys Stop for a second and ask yourself, how are you feeling? If you were to finish the following statement, what would you say? “I am ____.” What word did you use? Happy? Anxious? Over-worked? Calm? When I do this exercise with clients, I usually get negative statements. For a lot of us, we let our…

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How Do YOU Define Yourself?

Happy Hump day! Sometimes we do a Wordless Wednesday around here where the blog post is published in picture, not words. Today's blog post has few words on the screen, so I guess we're being true to Wordless Wednesday. You have only a video to watch. But please watch it. Take 13 minutes out of your day during your lunch break, while in the carpool…

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Fall Fashion in Lauren’s Closet

As many of you know, I am the proud Brand Ambassador of Le Château, Canada's leading specialty retailer and manufacturer of contemporary fashion apparel, accessories, and footwear at value pricing for style-conscious women and men of all ages. I can usually be seen on TV, at red carpet events, speaking, working, or even at carpool in Le Château. So, I'm…

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