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Top 10 Summer Fashion Essentials for the Modern Woman and Mom

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 2.51.34 PM

Summer is around the corner, and whether you’re a working girl or a stay-at-home mom, here are some fun summer fashion essentials that you might like to wear. I’m loving the Maxi, wedges and the low-to-high hems. I can’t quite figure out if I’m a hat girl or not yet, but you never know!

Check Out These 10 Essential Looks!

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6 Smartphone Apps For Summer Fun!

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. Speaking of Mother’s Day, I re-posted a little inspiration on Instagram that is a real “truth bomb,” and something my own mother, a women’s therapist for over 25 years has always taught me. I know this as truth. These words are real, and are ones to follow on a daily basis.


Thankfully, summertime is around the corner. In Montreal, we’ve been seeing more sunshine, warmer temperatures, and it’s putting our city in a festive spirit. To gear up for one of my favorite seasons, I wanted to share some fun, must-have, summer apps for your smartphones and tablets. I love sharing ways to simplify our lives, and these are just fantastic.

1. OneNote


New Research: The Secrets To Living Longer

Monday, May 5th, 2014

So I’ve been thinking a lot about my health lately as I approach 40 and notice huge changes in my body. I was the girl you didn’t like– the girl who ate whatever she wanted and nothing would stick. Well, those days are now over and I have officially landed on planet earth to join the rest of the world. It’s been sobering, to say the least. Now, no matter WHAT I eat, healthy food included, it ALL sticks. But I’m not going down without a fight, yo.

Yesterday, I decided to spring for the $35 bucks for a cookbook I was too cheap to do before. I’ve been dying to get Miss “Conscious Uncoupling” herself, Gwyneth Paltrow‘s latest foodie book, It’s All Good. I’ve heard great things about it, and I am really trying to be more mindful than ever before when it comes to my health. All jokes aside, I have always been a healthy eater. My mom raised me on organic food and whole grains, and was doing so before people even talked about it.



#WomenOnTheFence CONTEST ALERT! Win a $500 Gift Card from!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Are you tired of the clothes in your closet? Are you ready to freshen up your wardrobe and put that “spring” into your step?

Well, you’ve seen me wear the clothes on Global TV each week, you’ve been to the stores across Canada, or you’ve read about LE CHÂTEAU either in magazines or right here on So, it with tremendous excitement that I announce I will be giving away a $500 gift card to be at any LE CHÂTEAU location, or online at!

Check out a few of my favorite past looks from LE CHÂTEAU. As well, you can check out the Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends.

photo 1

Interviewing Jazz artist Nikki Yanofsky


Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014


Spring has officially sprung, and whether you’re a working girl or stay-at-home mom, here are some spring fashion trends that you might like to wear. My daily fashion usually consist of sweats, tees, bun and glasses when I’m home writing, but when I am out and about working, on TV, coaching a client, or enjoying a date night with my man, I am LOVING some of these cool spring fashion trends!

1. Getaway Dresses

Escape with the light-as-air getaway dress.  Easy elegant is on trend.


Wordless Wednesday: RIP L’Wren Scott

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014


The devastating news of the death of L’Wren Scott has sent waves of shock and compassion through the worlds of fashion in New York and London. The loss of such a figure of grace, fun, and multidimensional talents seems incomprehensible. Always poised, always publicly reticent and privately considerate of her clients and friends, L’Wren was a self-made designer who was proud of building an independent business, which she kept scrupulously separate from her status as the girlfriend of Sir Mick Jagger. “I am doing this with my own money,” she said, on launching her own collection in 2006. “My life’s always been like that. It’s how I was raised.” Vogue Magazine

I saw a quote on Tory Johnson’s Instagram which so eloquently described this tragic situation. It also made me wonder what we can do as a society to address and prevent suicide. How can we help a loved one who is hurting to heal before it’s too late?

Thank you Tory, for the smartest words that can be said during a situation such as this.


A Valentine’s Day Fashion Gift Guide for the Modern Woman

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

It’s about that time! A time to celebrate LOVE. In fact, I just shared some fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids yesterday morning on my weekly parenting segment on Global TV.

Direct link:

But whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner, your kids, heading out on a blind date, or celebrating alone, LE CHÂTEAU has got you covered. It’s no secret I love the fashion, the accessories, and also wear LE CHÂTEAU each week on TV (as I am in the above video). Their stuff is timeless, fashionable, affordable, chic, simply fabulous, and I am proud to be their Brand Ambassador.

So, no matter what you’re planning for Valentine’s Day, here are some love-themed ideas, all available at LE CHÂTEAU