Happy Canada Day, Happy 4th of July and a July Blogging Slowdown

We all have a special weekend ahead. I am celebrating my beloved country Canada's 150th birthday, and you, my American friends, are celebrating your independence. We take a day off, we rest, we regroup, we reflect, we spend time with family and friends, and hey, it's SUMMER! I sent my boys off on the…

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Finding the Golden Goose in Abuse

By Philippa Sklaar You know how you thought that when you met the man of your dreams he would change? And he did. For the worst. But you still held onto him because you believed that having anybody was better than having nobody. It was the power of your love…

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How To Manage Kids Summer Screen Time, Facts and Hacks

By Rachel Pathak Happy First Day of Summer! For many parents, these summer months are a time to loosen the screen-time reigns and let kids play Pokemon Go, Temple Run and Minecraft as long as they want. Others worry about the impact of too many hours spent on social media,…

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A “Fresh” Summer Approach To Organizing Your Fridge

By Kelly Anne Erdman M.Sc, R.D. I’m a sport dietitian and cycling Olympian with the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary, where I consult several national teams. I was also the Performance Dietitian for the Canadian Olympic Committee and Team Canada at the London Summer Olympic Games. I was their main support during the games…

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8 Great Summer Reads for Women!

Summer is the perfect time to take a break, lay out in the sunshine and get into a great book. On this week's Global TV segment, I shared eight great summer reads. In the fall, I had included something for every woman: fiction, non-fiction, laugh-out-loud funny, witty, heartwarming, and a heart-pounding thriller. For the summer…

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My Epic Fail at Work Life Balance

By Sheri Salata What do you say when someone asks you about the topic you most dread? When you work from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, plus several hours on the weekends, all while being on call 24/7—how do you respond to this question: “What about your…

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How I Rid Myself of Morning Anxiety – The 30 Day Anxiety-Free Morning Challenge

By Miranda Rios My alarm goes off. My body instantly springs into alert mode twisting, limbs flailing, eyes dry looking, scrambling, searching trying to find the button to make the madness stop! Like the average millennial, my cell phone has become a handy alternative to that old thing, what was…

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How To Become an Industry “Influencer”

By Kendra Newton Whether you’re an entrepreneur or working on a side hustle, putting yourself out there can be a bit intimidating. You want your voice to be heard, and your work to be read, but you might fear that others won’t take you seriously, that you won’t make any…

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Thank you to my PR friend G.G. Benitez for sharing this gem last night. A perfect #MotivationMonday. I believe that when you do your best, and give it your best, day in and day out, over time, good things show up at your door. And therefore, that means that I won't…

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10 Superfoods of 2017

Hello! Reporting live from C2 MTL! An incredible conference in my hometown of Montreal. I am about to hear Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple speak. I'm excited. Seeing that summer is around the corner, and knowing that my goal as a certified life coach (and now yoga teacher in training) is…

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