Yoga, Life Coaching and My Debut on The Today Show

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Sit back, relax and grab a cup green tea… it’s Transformation Tuesday!

I am still feeling very fortunate that both my worlds of life coaching and yoga collided this past Friday on The Today Show with Megyn Kelly. My mandate? To teach Megyn, her audience, and America, yoga poses specifically for stress management and a more zen you. Taught from the place of a modern yoga teacher AND life coach showing you different poses you can flow through and breathe through to a calmer you… I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Megyn and her team were delightful, and our audience was totally game when I challenged them to TREE POSE!

This is everything I love and work for, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity. I am also so thankful that yoga is being shared with North Americans. Finally, yoga is going mainstream, and this makes me happy as an 18 year practicing yogi.

Thank you all for your incredible feedback. You have shared your tree poses, your warrior 3 poses with using social media, and when I see your comments like, “I thought I couldn’t do yoga, but your segment inspired me to try,” I am seriously one happy lady.

If you liked what you saw, I encourage you to go deeper as I do in my daily yoga life. A four minute TV segment is difficult to showcase that. Perhaps you want to read this first. This post is the story is how I found yoga in the first place almost 20 years ago. If you’re curious, Google yoga classes near you or try and find a yoga DVD to purchase for home, or one to try on YouTube. Yoga is truly for everyone, and if you haven’t found a style you connect with, keep looking.

Before I leave you, some photo memories of my 24 hour whirlwind to New York City.

Love you guys. Namaste.

Arriving at TODAY. Trying to channel my inner calm (I had just taken my own advice and did yoga to relax myself). Morning stripped tired face about to head to hair and makeup…
The beginning of the TV beatification process
Almost ready to rock. Heart pounding, but channeling my inner zen. It’s only how many million Americans watching?
Backstage with producer extraordinaire, Alicia!
Even producers at The Today Show can do TREE!
About to begin. Heart pounding, trying to be myself.
Helping Megyn out
Megan looking great in TREE POST. Photo credit: Twitter
Crescent lunge about to get into Warrior 3
Megyn wrote the three poses on her hand!
Bye bye NBC. Thank you for an incredible experience.

I would love to hear below if you’ve ever done yoga. Would you give it a try on #TransformationTuesday? 😉


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