Sorry For The Inconvenience, Friends

Hello, all.

Sorry for the recent inconvenience of our site being down – we were in the process of switching hosts for a more optimal and enjoyable user experience.  We are all switched over now. Yay.

In addition, our blog posts via email haven’t been working for some time now, as you might have noticed. This was one of the reasons for the switch over, so if you were already a subscriber, you will continue enjoying our blogs again right to your inbox. All good.

If you don’t happen to already be a subscriber to, you can sort that out right now by clicking here:

subscribe to my blog

Thank you for your patience and loyalty while we have been sorting stuff out.

Big shoutout to Jon Cohen and David Pisarek (both topnotch guys for web design etc) for ensuring a smooth transition.

New blog posts to come…

Lots of love,


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