Turning 13… A Rite Of Passage

The day was September 22nd, 2003. I was selfish. A workaholic. 9 months pregnant. And didn’t know just how my life would change the next day, at 5:40am on a Tuesday, September 23rd.

When I heard the first cry, it literally took my breath away. I was instantly hooked. I hovered over his crib in the hospital. I watched him breathe. I watched his little round face for hours. It was a love only a mother could comprehend.

So to my first born child, my son, who turns 13 today, I have prepared some pictures for you to enjoy. Watching you grow over the past 13 years, has literally, just as the moment you came into the world, taken my breath away.

Enjoy your trip down memory lane…

Sucking your thumb, even in the womb
In mommy’s tummy, 30 weeks pregnant, packing to move
Daddy behind the camera, our family, me crying of course
Born with spiky brown hair- we haven’t seen it since
A little chicken 😉
A happy toothless wonder
Michael Schumacher for Halloween
Shaving with daddy
Having a treat- like mother like son, we LOVE Mc Donalds
Wedding boy
Off to pray
A big boy
A big brother
A baseball dude
A family guy
A 13 year old teenager this morning

To my teenager:

Thank you for making me the happiest mom. A man sometimes of few words, but very deep thoughts. Your sensitivity, ridiculously witty sense of humor and kindness blow me away, everyday.

As you enter manhood, may you continue to reach for the stars and do what makes your heart sing. I love you to the moon and back.


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