What Is Privilege?

July 20, 2015 4 Comments TAGS: Money

I know I am on a blogging break, but I came across this today and very much wanted to share it with you. An extremely powerful visualization of privilege.

This video courtesy of Buzzfeed, illustrates the concept of privilege.

I would love you take on this,



    1. Thank you for sharing this video, very nice, and I love it so much

    2. BreendaNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks for sharing this, i reading it all and i think it’s very true.

    3. Erica Diamond, Thank you for sharing this today. I noticed in the video how the participants started off laughing and holding hands. They seemed to be a unit. It was difficult for them to drop hands. They held on for as long as they could. When do we go from that to yelling at one another?

      I like that you chose a video where the participants explained how the exercise made them feel. Thank you for sharing this. Today someone felt heard.


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