Giveaway: Spend an Evening with OPRAH IN MONTREAL!

April 3, 2013 14 Comments TAGS: Uncategorized

It’s no secret that I DIE FOR OPRAH. Yup, always have.

And below is just a little proof. But there’s more. Oh, there’s so much more.

Oprah has been one of my biggest influences along my wigly-wagly journey.

So, it is with great excitement that I share with YOU, my amazing WomenOnTheFence readers, that I am sharing Oprah with you next week, April 11th in Montreal!! And get this…. I’m sharing Oprah with FIVE LUCKY YOU’S!!

Yup you read correctly. I am sending 5 lucky random winners to see Oprah live right here in Montreal, April 11th, 2013. The evening at the Bell Centre kicks off 7:00PM.

So, let’s get right to it, shall we?!

Here’s how you can win:

Answer the following question and share the love in as many social media networks below as you can:


1) Answer the question below on the blog in a comment.

2) Follow us on Twitter and tweet your answer to @EricaDiamond using hashtag #OprahWomenOnTheFence

3) Like us on Facebook and answer the question right here.

4) Follow us on Instagram and tell us right here why you’d like to spend an evening with Oprah.

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We will draw the 5 lucky winners this Saturday, April 6th, 2013 and mail your ticket out to you then. You will be notified this Saturday if you win. Please note, this ticket is not to meet Oprah Winfrey, it is to attend her event.

Good luck to all, and please share this post with everyone you know who would love to see Oprah in Montreal, April 11th, 2013.

It is your loyalty and this devoted community which allows these opportunties to happen, and so I remain humbly and gratefully thankful for sticking with me. It ain’t always pretty, but at least it’s real.



    1. Jennifer says:

      I would love to spend an evening with Oprah because I have huge aspirations and I feel Oprah and I would have alot to talk about. I’ve just been nominated for 2013 Juno award for children’s album of the year. It’s called Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well and it’s all about living your dreams, being your authentic self, living big, bold and with passion. It’s quite an extraordinary album and it was quite an extraordinary journey to get to this moment.

      Thank-you for the consideration.

    2. egon says:

      So many inspirations come from Oprah talkshow. I really like to see it on TV.

      @better with horizon

    3. Maria says:

      I can only imagine the beautiful energy that will be flowing among the people gathered at the Bell Center on the evening with Oprah! I would just love to be a part of it! It’s bound to be quite spiritual!

    4. Nadia says:

      Why spend a night with Oprah? Well of course her source of inspiration, the way she makes me feel after listening to her heart felt messages. She uplifts me and brings the best out of me. Being able to see Oprah would be an honor and what a memory. Still watching old shows of hers, miss seeing her everyday.

    5. Follow you on Pinterest with Ask Mama MOE

    6. I follow you on Twitter with @AskMamaMOE

    7. Why would I love to spend an evening with Oprah? I think because of her strength. I think spending an evening listening to her and her experiences will give me the extra boost I need to get my work, lifestyle, and more importantly my charity event THAT much better. I have been blessed with three amazing children and I started a charity event to raise money for three Montreal children’s hospitals. As well, the evening is geared to women in business – all of these things combined are important to me.
      I was told recently that I was inspiring…hey! SO, see? Oprah and I have something in common!! lol OK, maybe on a different level but still!
      Seriously, it would be an inspiring night 🙂

    8. Christina says:

      I would love to spend the evening with Oprah because she is so inspirational! In sharing her experiences and advice, I have learned so much. To be able to see her in person would be a dream come true! What a great contest!

    9. Rina says:

      Since when I was a kid never missed an episode if I did I asked someone to tape it:-)
      Always watched it with my mom!
      She (OPRAH) gave me the motivation to be my OWN boss and open my company too 😀
      I really want to go to see her!
      Also want to bring my mom(make her proud like I always do)
      My mom is a Breast Cancer SURVIVOR!
      I want to share this EVENT to go see OPRAH with her!! 🙂

    10. Oprah is the epitome of a leader! She embodies the quote from Alice Walker. “You can’t be, what you can’t see.” She has modeled inspiration, leadership, and transformation. She empowers all of us to #LeadLoudly.

    11. Rebecca Palmer says:

      Inspiration. Positivity. Proof your passion can make dreams come true. This is why I need to spend an evening with Oprah.

    12. Rachel says:

      I would love to see Oprah because she helped me accept and love myself for who I am regardless of my weight or what I look like. Thank you Miss Winfrey.

    13. Brittany Dupras says:

      Oops..the question marks at the end of my comment were a typo. It was meant to be an emoticon. Be blessed!!

    14. Brittany Dupras says:

      I would love to spend an evening with Oprah because she is a true inspiration to me. I have loved Oprah ever since I was a little girl and would run home after school in high school so that I made it home in time to watch her at 4 o’clock. Watching her show has taught me so many invaluable lessons and the wisdom that her OWN network provides is unparalleled to any other network on television. Her Lifeclass show should definitely be an actual class offered in high schools, Cegeps and University. I have been met with many set backs and trials in my 23 years of life and the lessons brought forth from OWN and The Oprah Winfrey show and other authors and spiritual teachers that she has featured, have helped me get through everything. I am in a place in my life where I am trying to surround myself with positive, uplifting, supportive and wonderful people and an evening with Oprah would allow me to do that on a huge scale. To be in an arena FULL of like-minded people and Oprah herself would just be a gift from God straight to my soul.
      Good luck to ALL those who entered this contest. Life happens for a reason so I just know that whoever wins will be the people who were meant to win. Be blessed everyone ????

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