Motivation Monday: Off The Fence

March 18, 2013 4 Comments TAGS: Uncategorized

I have no words other than: PLEASE don’t miss this. It’s worthy of your 5 minutes -watch ’till the end.

Would love to know your thoughts. Have a Motivated Monday.


    1. SusanNo Gravatar says:

      I had seen this a long time ago. It is truly unbelievable what someone can accomplish with determination and drive. I am so happy that Arthur was able to get an even better life for himself. He should show everyone never give up.

    2. KimNo Gravatar says:

      It’s amazing what a difference it makes once a person makes up their mind to do something! Once he changed his thinking — all because one other person believed in him — he was unstoppable.

    3. rachelNo Gravatar says:

      Brought tears to my eyes. Just goes to show you anything is possible.

    4. JanetNo Gravatar says:

      This was absolutely incredible. Thank you for sharing.

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