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#LeaveItIn2012 was trending on Twitter this week. I thought it was a fantastic hashtag– people talking about what they’re ready to leave behind in 2012. I saw cute answers such as, “Gangnam Style. Can’t wait to #LeaveItIn2012,” or “Sock buns. Please #LeaveItIn2012.” But I also read answers like, “Hate and regret, I’m so ready to #LeaveItIn2012,” and “Racism and hate. #LeaveItIn2012.”

Ok, I’ll start. I’m ready to leave behind:

  • The disease to please.
  • Over-scheduling
  • Worry (okay, who am I bullshitting?) 😉

What are YOU ready to #LeaveItIn2012? I’d love to know.



    1. salman asadNo Gravatar says:

      I already try! it is nice and beautiful # tag provide mention there attract and main point link there i agree with your point…

    2. women purse says:

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    3. work at home says:

      work at home…

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    4. HeidiNo Gravatar says:

      leaving diapers behind. we’re potty trained now. yes!!!!!!

    5. Chantal RobertsNo Gravatar says:

      Compulsive IPhone checking. I’ll try!

    6. RobinNo Gravatar says:

      Leaving things to the last minute. I’m going to be a better planner.

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