1. Harold Whitman’s quote is a favorite of mine. The Dali Lama recently said that the best contribution we can make to benefiting humankind is to find a way to make ourselves happy. When we are our best selves and happy, that is when we are the most creative and are attractive examples for others to be their best too.

  2. I am currently off my butt nd chasing down my dream and yes, it’s risky. You see, if you never put yourslef out there, as writer, you can always say, “Well, I’m working on my book…blah…blah…blah.” In the self-publishing mode, you can find out if you truly have what it takes to get the whole thing off the ground. When I vacillated as to whether I should invest in this whole thing, older daughter wisely said: “If you don’t invest, Mom, why would anyone else do it?” “You have to believe in it (your project) first.”

    She was right–I am going forward, like Disney did, and wouldn’t it be nice if I have some small modicum of THAT success (actually, it’ll be nice to merely break even.) I agree…you must put yourself out there, but I repeat–it’s scary

  3. Love the “if you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it” quote.

    Things just don’t “happen” – we have to make them happen. Nobody talks about how hard they tried to get something, we only see the end result of them being super successful or whatever. There’s usually a lot of blood sweat and tears that came before that. We have to remember to go after what we want, and “IT” whatever it is, the way it’s supposed to happen.
    Thanks for the quotes!

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