“Wordy” Wednesday: Game Changing

February 1, 2012 6 Comments TAGS: Stress, Wellness

If this doesn’t make you stop, pause, and reassess your priorities and journey on this earth, I’m not sure what will.

I’d love your thought



    1. John William says:

      You shared a wonderful idea. Really its true that we never lived.

    2. Harry says:

      True words.

    3. Tina says:

      Amazing. very profound.

    4. Shira says:

      Great quote by one of the worlds most inspirational teachers and leaders! I am always moved by the words of the Dalai Llama – great post today, thanks! Shira

    5. Cheryl says:

      This really had an impact on me. His words are so true. We are all on this race speeding through life and we end up realizing at the end that we never enjoyed anything. Thank you for sharing.

    6. Lisa Harrison says:

      Powerful message. It really makes you think.

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