Priceless Wednesday

For those of you who follow, you know that I often do a Wordless Wednesday, or even a Wisdom Wednesday. Today, however, is definitely PRICELESS WEDNESDAY.

While some of my friends have been getting their older kids ready for sleep-away camp, I came across some FANTASTIC letters of my own, that my mother kept of my first summer at sleep-away camp. I was 8 years old. I had BEGGED my parents to send me to sleep-away camp with my friends, and after much persuasion, they sent me. How would you feel if you got these?

Letter #1 – Lovely


Letter #2 – I SCREEM.


Letter #3 – If I send MANY WISHES, maybe THAT will work! Maybe they’ll come pick me up.


Letter #4 – I cried 29 times, but PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO SEND GIFTS!


Letter #5 – Thank goodness, they sent the present! Zaddy means ‘Zaidy’ which means ‘grandfather.’ If in case you didn’t know, GOBIES means bowel movement. Hey I’ve always had the gift of the gab, no?! Also, you can see my psychology background kicked in… some self-talk to sooth myself. And again, with MANY WISHES, maybe they’ll come pick me up.



Then I ran away. No joke.


Well, GUESS WHAT? My father, who has taught me everything I know about integrity, never quitting, and sticking to a commitment, let me come home ONLY on visiting day and not before.

Then, the good salesperson I was, begged them to let me go back again at 9 years old.

Here’s another nice memory of one year later. A little bit like Groundhog Day, no?

Letter #7 – I had “SOSHELS,” and apparently I thought that my wonderful parents SLAPPED ME! Also, as you can see, to be “rested” for my call, the camp owner kicked me out of the bunk to sleep in the kitchen… check it out. I hope I was never raped.

I also had “FEAVER,” another attempt to go home.

Wow. I was somethin’ else.

And still, there are lessons to be learned. My parents made me stick it out, and I credit these letters for my endurance, my resilience, my toughness and my NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE.

So really, nothing has changed much since I’m 8 years old.

Happy Hump Day, lovelies!

I’m home with the boys– they’re off school ’till Friday. 😉


  1. These are indeed priceless! My daughter found my Girl Scout camp diary from when I was ten. It consisted of one page; I was too busy to write any more. She thought it was hilarious that I led the camp bus in singing songs and then was sad because my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup melted. I thought – yes, that was me at 10. Definitely.

  2. These are priceless indeed! it’s great that your parents kept these letters. What keepsakes. You still sign xoxoxo. That’s funny.

  3. So so sweet. OMG. This is why I never send my kids to sleep over camp. I hated it myself and never want them to cry every night like YOU DID!!!!! You are so cute Erica! I had that same stationary 🙂

  4. So funny that people commented on the Holly Hobby stationary, because I noticed it too and said to myself hey I had stationary like that too!

    1. Molly, how could I leave for college after this? No! I went to McGill University in Montreal!!! For real. 🙂

  5. This was adorable! My daughter is 12 and on her first trip to camp. My 9 year old daughter however, didn’t want to go….she would have been just like this. I’m sure next year will be different. So cute and thanks for posting.

  6. I’m not a parent presently, but this is so heartwarming, to see little homesick letters scribbled from the camp grounds to convey a child’s love for their parents, whether adopted or biological. My muse and a mother herself, Ricki Lake led me to come here via her Twitter! It’s adorable. Moms, enjoy these moments, and we love you for making us!

    -DARREL, aspiring Singer

  7. This was absolutely the funniest, cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I can only imagine how your parents felt when they read those, guilty no doubt, but I’m sure they had a good laugh as well. LOVED this!!!

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