A WomenOnTheFence.com Anniversary Celebration!

September 11, 2010 14 Comments TAGS: Career, Kids, Wellness

Happy 1 year Anniversary to Women On The Fence Blog

Yes, it was September 11th, 2009 when I clicked PUBLISH on my very first Blog post… a rookie with a dream.

So, to honor the day, I have created something special I’d like you ALL to be a part of.

Please help me spread the word. I urge you to spread the word.


Please click OTHER and enter 11.00

montreal children's hospital

montreal childrens hospital

It’s Official: The start of construction of the NEW Children’s Hospital has begun!

The vision will make Montreal home to the most state-of-the-art pediatric hospital in North America, embodying the very best that modern medicine has to offer.

100% of your $11.00 donation will go towards improvements in technology and equipment, allowing for faster diagnoses and less invasive treatment, leading to faster recovery periods for the children.

This project is ONGOING! Feel free to give ANY DAY, not only September 11th!

I hope you will be part of my celebration!

Can I count on you?


PS – Sorry the word got cut off in the beginning of the video! I meant to say “I’ve been writing for a year…” or something to that effect! 🙂


    1. DainNo Gravatar says:

      thatwas very nice & useful to gain knowledge
      with regards

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    3. Lauren SteinNo Gravatar says:

      I just found out about you from a National Post article. I am from Toronto, I have never heard of the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, and I just donated. What a great way to celebrate your anniversary!

      Did everything about your blog, including the book deal, really just happen in less than a year?

      I wonder how much money has been donated to this fund since that weekend…

    4. Readers, I just got word we raised over $1500.00 for the Children’s Hospital over the weekend. And, a special thank you to Mitch Joel who generously helped out! Thank you to all who donated and who are still donating. I am floored. $11.00 people. Spread the word. xoxoxox

    5. Anonymous says:

      Just gave $11.00. What a super idea. Good Luck Erica!

    6. NancyNo Gravatar says:

      Beautiful, Thanks for showing the way.

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    8. Suzy says:

      amazing idea!! great stuff erica!!!

    9. Rachel says:

      What an incredible way to celebrate your anniversary! Happy 1 year of Blogging.

    10. Anonymous says:

      I’m in!

    11. I’m in! $11.00 to change the life of a child! If we all do our part, imagine the outcome! Help me make a difference. Please spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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