Yahoo Reinvent Yourself

August 7, 2010 11 Comments TAGS: Beauty, Career

I am currently in New York City at an outstanding Blogging Conference called Blogher. I am meeting incredibly dynamic, smart and amazing women from around the world. It has truly been an experience of a lifetime.

Here is my interview with Yahoo about how I reinvented myself.

How have YOU reinvented yourself? I’d love to hear how you did it. Please share your stories.



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    6. kimberleyNo Gravatar says:

      Great video. Love what you’re up to. Look forward to seeing you post lots of vlogs. We want to hear and see you!

    7. Tracey says:

      I have been a follower of Women on the fence for quite some time, I can honestly say that with every blog you inspire me to better a better Mother, a better employee, and most importantly a better person!
      keep it up, I love your daily dose

    8. No Gravatar says:

      I had been a stay at home mom for 5 years and then my husband lost his job. This meant I had to step up and help out financially. But I had been at home and was so rusty in the workforce that the thought of reinventing myself was terrifying. I took the course to become a licensed real estate broker, and with much difficulty went back to work. It hasn’t been easy, but I can truly say I reinvented myself by doing this. I am happy today depsite the major life adjustment. Great interview.

    9. paulaNo Gravatar says:

      I changed careers two years and totally reinvented myself. It was the best thing I ever did.

    10. Karen GNo Gravatar says:

      Amazing video. Your passion is evident. Keep up the great work.

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