My First Video Blog

January 12, 2010 13 Comments TAGS: Beauty, Career, Motherhood

I figured since you never actually get a chance to see the woman behind the computer, I wanted to check in by video today.

My new year’s wish for you. Thank you for reading.

PS- I look a little stiff and nervous, dontcha think? I think this should be my LAST video blog and stick to writing.



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    8. annon says:

      Loved seeing the woman in front of the fence. Voice and articulation makes a huge difference. Can’t wait for more

    9. ronald blackNo Gravatar says:

      Erica, that was fantastic! keep them coming

    10. Kelly DuffyNo Gravatar says:

      I loved it! Walking slower and taking it all in is certainly one of the things I’m striving for this year as well. Great to see the gorgeous face behind the wit and wisdom!

    11. Laura GordonNo Gravatar says:

      Great video Erica.

    12. Allison says:

      Way to go, Girl! You are so inspiring. I hope you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions! If anyone will…YOU will!! Thanks and Happy and Meaningful 2010!!!

    13. DanNo Gravatar says:

      You’re hot

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