Healthsgiving: Recipes for a Healthy Thanksgiving

By Guest Blogger Josh Bowen You’re going to do it. You know you’re going to do it. Hell, I’m going to do it! Yeah, I’m going ALL IN on Thanksgiving. Most of America will. However, you don’t have to deep fry your turkey or use four packs of butter in…

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Fitness Friday: 5 Exercises To Incorporate Abs Into Your Workout Routine

By Guest Blogger Vesna Dodevka Happy almost 2016! I am sure you already know that some of the most popular New Year's resolutions are to lose weight, work out more frequently, and be healthy. Well, we are just weeks away from that time of year. Did you also know that…

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Wordless Wednesday: Sexiest Man Alive

It was announced yesterday. Your Sexiest Man Alive 2015 is... drumroll... David Beckham. Ladies, ladies, what say you? I'm not on the fence here... he is not unsexy, per se. He is quite handsome. I'll give you that. But I said last year, maybe I'm still living in the past,…

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Talking Money With Your Grown Kids: Reviewing Your Student’s Finances Over The Holidays

By Guest Blogger Mandy Mail  When their exams are over and the holidays begin, students will have a lot of celebrating to do. There is no question that post-secondary education is an expensive investment. Whether living at home or on their own, students may be surprised by how quickly their expenses…

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Top Must-Have Mom Products for Fall

This morning was a fun segment on Global TV. I got to share my Top Must-Have Mom Products for mind, body and spirit this fall. Beauty, health, wellness and fashion from head to toe. Here are some of my faves (including my newest invention, HADRY). Lancome Genifique Mask My secret to gorgeous skin after…

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Single and Dating in 2015: 6 Ways Social Media is Ensuring We All Die Alone

By Guest Blogger Leila Glen Don’t get me wrong, our internet driven society and age of social media mania definitely has its perks; people can work remotely, re-connect with old friends and stay in touch with family all over the world – not to mention the ego-boost you get from…

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INTRODUCING #HADRY   HADRY is the ultimate fashion accessory to SPARE YOUR HAIR while in the sun and water. HADRY Brand fuses together high fashion, gorgeous style, innovative fabric, and individuality into a never-before-seen unique hair hero HADRY – (Hah-Dree) When the words “hair” and “dry” are combined, HADRY is born, the…

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The Top Female Entrepreneurs in Business Today

Entrepreneurship was traditionally seen as a man’s game, but today that is changing. As I get ready to launch HADRY in 48 hours and become a startup entrepreneur again, I thought I would bring you another info-graphic this week. Discover these women who are shattering the glass ceiling by becoming their own bosses,…

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The Woman’s Toolbox – The Power of “What If?”

By Guest Blogger Amy Rodgers I am a big believer that every woman needs their own toolbox. I’m not talking about the metal kind that most men have in their garage. I’m talking about a skill tool box that we keep at our side to help us do our jobs…

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5 Self-Care Tips for Fall Abundance

By Guest Blogger Rosalie Mintz "AUTUMN IS A SECOND SPRING WHEN EVERY LEAF IS A FLOWER" – Albert Camus For those of us who live in a northern climate, we need only to look outside our windows to witness the season's transformational energies. The chill in the night's air, the reduced amount…

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